4 Things You Should Know About Pen Drive Voice Recorders

Posted by Vikash Kumar on March 3rd, 2020

When it comes to covert operations or covert audio recording, most popular style of recording is through spy audio devices designed to look like pen drives but work as secret recorders. These audio recording devices can easily be operated by a dial or flip of the switch enabling you to covertly record audios wherever and whenever you need it. If you are planning to buy a spy audio device, then you must know the following things before you go out to buy one:

  1. Battery Powered Operation

Pen drive audio recording devices are small in size and easy to carry. These devices come with an internal battery allowing you to record the voice whenever needed. Some spy audio recording devices like spy pen drive voice recorder GSM bug allow you to record continuously. Spy Shop Online also has audio recording devices that have the most advanced features such as voice activation. It means, the device will only start working when it hears any audio. This smart feature conserves battery life as well.

  1. Voice Activation Feature

As mentioned in the previous point, the device will only record when it hears or detects any voice nearby, it is one of the features highly preferred by people these days. Due to numerous benefits attached, this feature enhances the effectiveness of the device. First and foremost of this feature is that with recorders and ‘standby battery life’, it will help you extend the total duration of the operation of the device. The second major advantage of this feature-enable spy audio device in Delhi is that there are no useless recordings in the memory. It means you will only listen to the recordings that are useful or relevant to your purpose.

  1. Continuous Mode of Recording

Depending on your precise recording needs, you may prefer an USB digital MP3 Player Spy Voice Recorder for continuous recording.  As the name implies, in this mode, the pen drive shaped device will record constantly until one of the following things happen – the battery runs out or it is turned off due to any reason. Here, at Spy Shop, you will get both voice activation and continuous recording, depending on your specific needs or the situation, you can choose one.

  1. Recorded Files

Since these devices also have internal memory, the recorded files are saved there only. The amount of internal memory may vary depending on the device and model chosen. However, 4GB and 8GB are the most common ones. If you want even more space to record endlessly, some spy audio device also allow you to extend the memory through a memory TF card.

Closing Remarks

The benefits of choosing USB flash drive spy audio devices are two folded – you can use them for covertly record the audios and use them as a normal USB/pen drive too. If you are also looking for such powerful yet highly useful pen drive shape spy audio devices GSM bug in Delhi, then get in touch with Spy Shop Online and explore the most diversified as well as reasonable range. Call us on 9999332499 | 9999332099 | 9999302406 | 8585977908 for further details.

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