Mobamacare (Mob ama care) Our New Health Care System

Posted by Tea Party Main Street on July 20th, 2012

Kinda strange that the name Obama contains the letters "AMA" in it.

Let It be assured that Obama Care will indeed consume the AMA and become the headquarters for the democratic takeover of our healthcare.

Hospitals will go beyond just being regulated (hospitals are not regulated at this time) to being owned and operated by Mobamacare.

Just think about all the anchor babies being born in the U.S. . The illegal immigrants are banned from Obama care but the anchor babies will be taken care of and the illegal parents won't have to pay a dime into Obama Care. U.S. citizen penaties and increased taxes will pay for these anchor babies. The illegal immigrant parents will still be using the emergency room for care and U.S. citizen taxes will be paying for them as we are paying for them now. It's like Obama care excluded illegal immigrants but U.S. citizens will be taxed heavily to funnel money into Obama care to pay for the illegal immigrant babies until illegal immigrant babies enter the work place.

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