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Posted by kellyburger on March 3rd, 2020

The more active you are the happier you stay. Activeness does not come easily, there are some tricks and tips that help to boost up your energy. Like, our cell phones need the charge to work efficiently, our body also needs to be charged up to be active at any moment.

There are mornings that you feel lazy and tired, and there are some days you do not feel active. Well, this can affect your work as well as your body and mind. It's time you pull up your socks and start performing these tips to supercharge your brain.

1. Wake up when alarm rings

We all have a habit of snoozing the alarm button to sleep a little more. Stop doing that, and try to get up at the first ring of your alarm. These will help you to give time to perform a little bit of exercise that will boost up your activeness. Supercharge your brain by following out on this trick.

There's a little trick you can perform. Set two alarms, and try a 90-minute sleep cycle hack. Set one for 90 minutes before you want to wake up and the other when you want to wake up.

The theory behind this trick is that the 90 minutes of sleep you will get between snoozes and this will complete your sleep cycle. It will allow you to wake up after your Rapid Eye Movement state.

2. A glass of water is must

Dehydration can cause fatigue, it can also trigger feelings of sleepiness, and change the cognitive ability along with mood disruptions. Drink a glass of water to freshen up your entire body and start moving. A little tip to add on. Mix a lemon and one teaspoon of honey which will charge up your mind. This also benefits you from losing weight.

3. Do some stretching

It is good to stretch when you wake up. When you sleep overnight, your muscles get atonia. It is important to reactivate them by releasing our energy stimulating endorphins. This will also supercharge your brain.

Here, a tip, take out some time to perform morning yoga this will help you to be active during the whole day. Take 25 minutes to boost up your energy level and brain function.

4. Grab some healthy food

Breakfast is important to drive down your fatigue. A healthy breakfast also helps you to keep active and energetic. Food is our fuel and starting the day with healthy foods will help you to boost your activeness. A little pro tip, eat a fatigue-fighting breakfast that helps you to remain alert during the daytime. Try to reach out for fatigue-fighting foods like lean proteins, whole grains, nuts, and lower-sugar fruits. Try to supercharge your brain with healthy brain foods.

5. Limit your coffee cups

That's right, try to limit down your coffee as it will help you not feel fatigued during the day. Studies have found out that having a higher amount of caffeine can cause fatigue. Though coffee has lots of benefits, so it is important to have some coffee. A little trick will help you limit down the coffee. Try to avoid the big mugs of coffee. Get some smaller cups to reduce the amount you drink coffee daily.

Trying out alternatives:

These are some pro tips, to help you stay active the whole day. Here's you can also try out alternatives that help you to boost up your mental health. When your mind is active the body automatically gets active.

One of the best nootropics is Nuvigil that helps to boost up cognition. It also helps to stimulate your brain and help you stay active all day long.  Nuvigil is a kind of smart drug that helps to boost the activity level of a person. It regains back your activeness in the mind. Supercharge your brain with Nuvigil 150 mg as it improves the cognitive functions of the brain.

This smart drug also helps to maintain the positive energy that brings up the inner activity of a person. Nuvigil 150 mg puts a stronger effect on the mind to drift away from the excessive daytime sleepiness. Boost up the energy level of a person to keep the mind active.

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