Unions Cashing In and Using Illegal Immigrant Labor

Posted by Tea Party Main Street on July 20th, 2012

Unions "Cashing In"& Using Illegal Immigrant Labor

Unions are just after the cash. Unions are the "CASH" political party allied with the democrats. There's many union members that are republicans but they keep their mouth shut. I agree public workers deserve a good paycheck but government union workers getting extremely wealthy and busting government budgets is overdoing it. Some of the government officials have crap in their heads and don't know how to spend the tax money responsibly but labor unions forcing government to make them wealthy through collective bargaining is rediculous. Government union paper pushers, inspectors, janitors, etc..... deserve a paycheck large enough for the support of "ONE" person with a reasonable amount left over as expendible income if they prove they are competant at the job they are hired to do.

What's B.S. is government union employees getting raises and promotions for time served and "Not" being competant at their jobs or creating a "dog eat dog" competitive atmosphere in the work place. Union workers in government positions that take part in work place cliques or become overaggressive towards other employees should be disciplined or dismissed from the workplace on the grounds they are creating mental stress. Union workers that are proved to be using the "Nice" card as a weapon and creating mental stress should be disciplined also no matter how well they do their jobs.

Unions get to much and government spends to much. Unions were good for the country when unions first formed but now they are just greedy. Firemen and police officers should be paid well because they put their lives on the line as a public service but it's slowly becoming wealth over honor and duty to the public.

To bad the union teachers getting $80,000 a year are dumber than the students they are suppose to be teaching. The union teachers may know more about a certain subject they are teaching but don't know how to get the students interested in these subjects and off social issues that attract the students interest. Alot of the students being instructed by teachers may not know the subject but are very intelligent children capible of absorbing the subjects being taught if properly instructed and motivated to do so. For $80,000 a year or even $40,000 a year I myself expect a teacher to be able to install the information into students brains and "Not" just present the information to the student. Hell, why not just get a tape recorder to present the subject to the student? Who needs an $80,000 a year human tape recorder to present the subject to the student?

Unions supporting illegal immigrants and paying trained illegal immigrants good money helped bring the economy crashing down. When the general public finally comes to the conclusion it was illegal immigrants that got bank "HOME LOANS" that triggered the 2008 economic crash when they got deported the unions will certainly have to held accountable for hiring illegals and using union subcontractors that employeed illegals. Illegals making enough to pay a home loan is not "illegals doing jobs that U.S. citizens would not do".

Unions used illegal immigrant labor that gave the illegals cash to afford the home loans even though it was the banks and a crappy federal government that gave the home loans to illegals.

Union workers in the private sector can get what ever they can get financially. If the unions can get private sector business to pay what the unions are charging then that's fair game. It's the private business responsibilty to police those union charges. Private sector contract workers are just as good as union workers if you can find them. Private sector non union busnesses have a lot more fraud running around in them and it's very time consuming sorting out which private sector non union workers and businesses are reliable and trustworthy but there are reliable and trustworthy private sector non union workers and businesses in the marketplace. Union workers and businesses in the private sector are usually reliable and trustworthy all the time but the cost is considerably higher.


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