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Posted by Bhavesh Vyas on March 3rd, 2020

  All of us were roaming here and there, from morning to evening, sometimes till late nights also to get the experience of earning our bread and butter. I was in Pune, Ankit was in Noida, Sahil was sleeping in Ujjain and Suyash was working in IT Company at Indore. There was one other guy let me tell you about him sometimes later.

My name is Bhavesh Vyas and right now I am taking care of the sales department of our Chai Kaapi. Oh, I forget to introduce the Krantikaris (Revolutionaries) before you. We are five individuals who became Krantikaris after getting influenced by some Hollywood movies, hustle, and bustle of our private jobs and the idea of becoming entrepreneurs. Sahil Juneja and Suyash Singh Thakur were classmates of engineering courses, I was their senior and Sahil's childhood friend, Ankit Poddar came to picture after the evolution of Chai Kaapi, he was hired by that fifth guy name Athar Ali Nagpurwala as Marketing Head due to outstanding English English. Ankit was with some other brand at Noida, He was also taking care of the destination wedding with some of his foreign contacts. Sahil Juneja was having his own IT business, He was manipulating some foreign clients with his amazing negotiation skills and getting paid in dollars, pounds, euros. His life was set and in a relax mode. Last One Athar Ali Nagpurwala the influencer, friend of Suyash, the marketer and the financer too, he was handling his dad's cement business.

One fine day Suyash and Athar met somewhere in Ujjain, Athar came up the idea of having a cafe like CCD or Starbucks in Indore but with a lower price segment. At that time no such cafe present in Indore. Suyash like that idea, but was not sure on finance of it. So athar has suggested finding one more partner who can finance it, As everyone knows Sahil was getting paid in dollars so he was the first choice of Suyash, So the meeting was fixed, the idea was pumped into Sahil's mind, and I don't know He says Yes. I got this news a little bit later from Sahil. As per my perspective, this is the so-called GOA plan which will be canceled in some days. But they were serious and funds were arranged somehow. there was a ray of hope, the bucket of excitement among them as their dream was getting fixed in the real world.

As per Indian tradition, we believe that spreading happiness is good luck so they had discussed with their parents, girlfriends, and friends about their plan. After approvals, actual work has started

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