Top 10 Programs to Keep Your Network Safe

Posted by systemactivation on March 3rd, 2020

Information technology is making huge progress, and the number of cyber threats is also increasing. Well, companies need to be very careful while storing their digital assets since digital assets are the most important assets in today's world. No longer people keep softcopy of every data with them, and gone are those days, when companies used to have losses. To keep all data secure, it is really important to invest in an IT security Software solution, since it will help you to protect from several tactics like ransomware, spyware, viruses and many more. In this blog, we will discuss some of the best programs to keep your network safe. Also, we will discuss antiviruses like Mcafee Activate Product Key and a lot more.

Here is the list of some best programs that will help you to keep your network safe.

ManageEngine Firewall software for analysis.

It is the software or a program, which is a comprehensive configuration program that does analytics. It is one of the best solutions among various other solutions available. Various users like it since it allows users to monitor bandwidth and firewall policy.

ManageEngine Plus AdSelf Service.

It is another software that is based on user password management for resetting the password. This program allows users to reset all the processes and access a self-service account which helps to unlock and update personal information.

Eventlog analyzer.

It helps users to retain all the data which is generated by the network, also it includes several applications and devices. This program helps to encrypt the data and make them safe. Also, it is used for forensic analysis and compliance audits.

● Keeper.

It is an IT software that provides all the users with password management and is a digital vault. It was developed to help various businesses and people to protect and keep all the personal information safe.

CA technologies Secure.

It is one of the robust software which is specially designed to protect all the sensitive data of the company and keep it safe against unauthorized access and data breaches. It is a special platform that offers complete features for security management solutions and much more.


It is a highly scalable network security program which is specially designed for enterprise mobility. It uses various tools that are consumer-centric. Also, it allows various staff to use mobile devices to ensure data security and system. Also, it works well in all systems.

● SolarWinds RMM.

It is another management solution that is used for monitoring data remotely. It is ideally used by IT professionals and several service providers. It used various robust tools that can improve IT operations, security and has a platform that can be implemented for security and performance. It is supported by all the operating systems and devices like Windows, OS X, Linux and much more.


It is another network security tool available specifically for prevention solutions as well as detection. Also, a learning platform is powered by a cloud-based learning platform.


It is a password management tool which is specially designed to help users and keep all the passwords and secure all the centralized location. Once the system process stores all the passwords and processes them. Various users can easily access all the data from any place. Also, it comes with an autosave password that could be used to access passwords.


It was a special software which is used for access management and Identity management. It secures all the network devices which are used to secure data.

Well, many other network security software is available which could be used to secure data. Many antivirus software like Mcafee Activate Product Key is available in the industry.

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