6 Benefits of Participating in Inter-School Activities

Posted by Tanya Sharma on March 3rd, 2020

No matter what the prevalent notion has to say about it, the top 10 schools in Gurgaon do not solely take part in inter-school activities to win the associated trophies. They do not do it to establish themselves as high flying schools who make performers out of their students and showcase their academic brilliance. It may appear so from the outside but the true motive of participating in inter-school events is to give students the opportunity to test themselves. Only through positive rivalry and competition can the best come out and good schools understand the benefits that inter-school activities bring.

Constructive competition does not pressurise students. In fact, when they willingly participate in inter-school activities with the help of some nudge by their school, the children stand as the gainers in the following ways.

  1. Competition, in reality, leads to better collaboration

Along with solo events, the top schools also host inter-school activities wherein students are required to participate in a group. And when a team of students works towards a common goal, the collaboration among them reaches a new peak every time. Everyone in the team will bring forward a unique skill. They will have to share their ideas, learn from each other, respect each member’s contribution and function as a group. All these create a sense of belongingness and bonding. Students thrive when they learn to collaborate.

  1. It also primes soft skill development

In that very group where the students are working together to win the inter-school event, every member’s soft skills are getting sharpened with involvement. One student will emerge as the leader of the group. He/she will learn management like no other. Another with exciting ideas will have to communicate and express so that everyone understands. This student’s oration skills will touch the sky. Similarly, every student participating in the event will benefit as the deadline somehow makes it necessary to bring forward their own skills.

  1. There is success even in failure

And that is what the top CBSE schools in Gurgaon try to achieve through inter-school events. As previously thought, competitions are rarely about winning or losing. Research has shown that students who fail often have shown a greater success rate in their future. If a student fails to win a science competition today, he/she is sure to learn from his/her mistakes and win the next year. Good schools counsel their students in such a fashion where failure is rarely seen through a negative lens. It is only a learning experience for a better tomorrow.

  1. Rivalry is required for true development

It is only human to compare oneself with someone else. It is by comparison that we strive to become better people than what we already are and develop accordingly. Through inter-school activities, the field of competition broadens. Students not only get the opportunity to compare themselves with the students of the same school but with other schools as well. This brings them in the vicinity of better talent where they can learn from senior students and consider them their rivals or mentors and work harder.

  1. It creates an internal drive

At times, participation may be about winning the competition. But gradually, it does become for the fun of it. A master debater continues to participate in debates because he/she likes the event. A soccer player continues to play for his/her team no matter what the result of the games turns out to be. Inter-school activities work as the first step of motivation to bring the students to the field but from then onwards, it becomes all about the underlying interest and passion. Students willingly participate and keep learning along the way.

  1. Competition elevates engagement

At the end of it all, inter-school activities are all about the fun of participating. Even if the solo contender or the team does not win, they are bound to enjoy every bit of it, right from the research phase to the conflicts to sharing the tension of the outcome. And regular participation naturally makes education fun-filled where students find new enthusiasm to engage more. Inter-school activities are ways in which schools can effectively break any lingering monotony. They bring students back to school.

So, when you Top CBSE Schools in Gurgaon, be sure to go for institutions that not only boast of a wardrobe full of trophies but participates in inter-school activities as well. And The Paras World School India is such an institution where constructive competition forms a crucial part of its curriculum. TPWSI believes in challenge-based learning. Hence, it participates in a range of activities to provide maximum exposure to its students. Winning stands as a secondary priority. Learning always takes primary precedence.

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