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Posted by nemarampunavat on March 3rd, 2020

Contentment – Santosha

We finished November with Black Friday Sales and now the schedule has flicked over to December and deals proceed. All signs that Christmas is en route and that we'll all be daring to our closest Westfield to clamor with the groups to get all the STUFF! While we're out on the town doing our Christmas shopping our eyes will no uncertainty choose all the things that we currently need, things that before our shopping trip we were consummately fine without.

It's this impulse to spend and collect stuff that has left me thinking about one of the observances from yoga called–Santosha – which means satisfaction. The observances are a piece of the yoga theory to help all of us live glad, solid lives. So we practice one piece of yoga in class with stances (known as asana's) however there are different viewpoints to yoga for a comprehensive way to deal with wellbeing all around.

It's a disgrace that at a season where we can spread delight and a message of expectation we regularly come up short. Rather than liberally providing for others as an overflowing of our thankful and full hearts we become concentrated on stuff, and insatiability can take a hold.

For me satisfaction is bliss with fulfillment and harmony, and at times the Christmas season is the inverse. It's the point at which we are rarely fulfilled – not happy with our assets and not fulfilled genuinely – we over-eat and over-drink at gatherings and festivities. We top off our storerooms with "Christmas treats" and top off our shopping sacks with gleaming new things.

So how might we discover satisfaction this Christmas season? I wonder on the off chance that we concentrated on our endowments whether our mentality would change? Beginning every day with gratefulness for what we have instead of looking through our fav site at breakfast for the following thing we can purchase. I wonder if our hearts would be flooding with appreciation instead of a sentiment of what we've passed up. It's not simply yoga that discussions about satisfaction – numerous astute individuals from contrasting religions and various societies have preceded to sparkle a light on being content.

One model was Jesus who stated: Don't put away fortunes here on earth, where moths eat them and rust devastates them, and where criminals break in and take. Store your fortunes in paradise, where moths and rust can't wreck, and hoodlums don't break in and take. Any place your fortune is, there your deepest longings will likewise be.

Satisfaction is and consistently has been one of things we as a whole profoundly need, so… as we head to Christmas perhaps we can each set aside effort to consider what we can be appreciative for. We could ask "How might I be content with this present minute." Maybe you can impart this to people around you.

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