Is Becoming a Millionaire through Online Bingo a Myth?

Posted by bestoffersbingo on July 23rd, 2012

The rapidly expanding bingo industry is giving way to massive jackpot prizes hosted by numerous bingo sites. As the industry grows exponentially, the jackpot values are also seeing a sharp increase. This change has led many online bingo players to believe that they can become millionaires. But many doubt the likeliness of that happening in the time to come.

Technically, you can become a millionaire if the online bingo site offers this staggering amount to players. So far, dozens of bingo sites have offers jackpots worth a million ($/£/€) or more. However, the chances of winning this amount are very slim in bingo and sites have been warned about issuing exaggerated winning odds to attract more players.

The million pound jackpot from 888Ladies

Recently, online bingo site 888Ladies received flak for publishing exaggerated odds and wrongly promoting the Golden Ticket with jackpots worth £5 million and a minimum win of £50,000. As the game progressed, the jackpot value significantly diminished to £50,000. Although £50,000 is a great prize amount, in comparison to the promised £5 million, many players felt cheated. It was then brought to notice that to win the jackpot; players would need to complete the game within 24 calls.

Achieving this feat is considered almost impossible by players as most bingo calls appear after 50 calls in a regular 75 ball bingo game. The site was then criticised for misleading ads that were eventually banned. However, this action was issued months after the promotion ended. This has made bingo players more cautious about where they invest their money as bingo sites are being warned about misleading and eye-catching promotions.

Multi-million jackpots on bingo sites

Many other bingo sites continue to offer multi-million jackpots with conditions of completing the game in less than 24-26 calls. Larger jackpots attract many more players, bringing the winning odds of winning bingo similar to the lottery. However, many bingo sites offer amazing jackpots with great odds at winning. It is best to thoroughly research the promotion to check your winning odds and then compete.

For most, bingo continues to be a game of luck with a thriving social side. Most players on bingo sites enjoy talking to like-minded people and make new friends. Players with a true love for bingo simply enjoy the nuances of the game and winning is just a cherry on top. If you want to play bingo, do it for the fun and excitement of the game and think of winning as a bonus.

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