How to maintain the polishing machine?

Posted by sere on March 3rd, 2020

As labor costs continue to rise, especially in the polishing industry, more and more companies are equipped with automated production to minimize manual operations. So our company specializes in manufacturing equipment for the sanitary industry, the lock industry, the electronic parts industry, the kitchen industry, and the hardware industry. When you use the equipment, pay attention to the maintenance of the polishing machine to extend the life of the machine. How can we maintain the polishing machine?

1. Regularly check the electrical circuit each month, if it is damaged, replace it immediately.

2. Regularly check the parts of the equipment. If somewhere is loose, please reinforce it. If somewhere is damaged, please replace it.

3. Regularly add lubricant to the gear or bearing

4. Clean the internal hygiene of the equipment after work and keep it clean.

We suggest that you should maintain the machine regularly. If we do it, the polishing machine will be used better. Some clients will maintain the machine one time per year. This is harmful to the polishing machine. More dust was on the platform. It is hard to clean. When we maintain the machine, the machine will help you to polish the product better. It is our good friend. So don’t make it broken. Anything we can do better. 

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