How Can A Power Dialer Improve Business and Bring In More Clients??

Posted by Jane Edisonn on March 3rd, 2020

Businesses have to grow in order to remain relevant in their respective fields. Whether it is in services, or heavy industry, businesses cannot expand and grow if they don’t reach out to clients. Granted, some industries are more profitable than others, but regardless of that, any business needs to get in touch with potential clients in order to keep head above water. In todays’ technology driven society, the days of the classic client engagement techniques are over. Businesses require more up to date solution such as client relations management. The integrated features offered by such services should always include a CRM dialer. This kind of power dialer is what can make or break a salesperson.

What Is A CRM Dialer?

CRM dialer is an integral part of any CRM solution. It offers the business implementing it a better control over what contacting a potential client over the phone really means. This tool is one of the most important in the whole package. The idea behind it is to better handle the time a person would have to dial a list of phone numbers. The dialer is designed to go through the list faster, thus eliminating the time wasted by picking up the phone and actually dialing each digit of the number.

Another great feature of the CRM dialer is that it eliminates the chances of human error when dialing. Phone numbers are put into a list, which is loaded into the dialers’ memory. The system can also determine if a number is disabled or not, without wasting as much time as a human operator would. It can also be programmed to leave pre-recorded voice messages when somebody doesn’t pick up, and move to the nest number on the list.

When a potential client does pick up, the dialer automatically transfers him to a human operator. After establishing the connection the dialer monitors the conversation, logging it in, and collecting valuable information about the client. This will be used in order to create the company’s client profile and use it to search for more matches in databases across the internet.

What Does A Power Dialer Do?

Using people to go through a list of phone numbers, dialing, waiting for the other person to answer and then convincing them to buy something every day can be very time consuming. Besides the actual phone calling, and agent or sales representative has all sorts of other business he has to take care of. If you add up every second he wastes picking up the phone, checking the list, dialing and hanging up, you’ll discover that it comes out to quite an impressive amount per month, not to mention per year. That time could be used to do other stuff in order to increase revenue.

This is why the  power dialer  was invented. Power dialers are CRM features that are designed to increase agent effectiveness by performing the tasks of calling a client and engaging with them that an agent would normally have to do. They work by going through a list of phone numbers even faster than an ordinary dialer software, and making split-second decisions about who to call and who to skip. They usually use an algorithm that looks for patterns in client information, and choose to call the people most similar between them.

This is how some dialers have reportedly increased productivity by as much as 400% in some cases. The dialer software can also be programmed to keep the client engaged while the operator is engaged. This comes in handy when you have a growing business and not that many agents to man the phones.

The beauty of these dialers is that they can be installed on any phone setup, in any call-center. If the agents don’t have or don’t want to use their own phones, the CRM packages usually offers some sort of softphone, an on-screen phone interface, used mainly on desktops and laptops.

Dialers and CRM solutions have taken the sales world and propelled it into the 21st century. The days of the travelling salesman are long over and every business looking to get ahead in the market has to come to peace with that notion. A human touch is still required, and sometimes even preferred, but enabling software to do at least part of the heavy lifting for you is crucial in order to better manage time and resources.

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