Why is the criminal record certificate important?

Posted by glainmax55 on March 3rd, 2020

The criminal record certificate is required for different transactions: employment, housing, studies, and licenses, among others. The difficulty in obtaining a “clean” certificate of good conduct of criminal convictions prevents many people from developing and rehabilitating in society.

Having committed a crime should not be an obstacle for a person to reintegrate and be productive in their community. Cleaning the record can be a great help in this process.

Eliminating crimes from the criminal record is not always possible. In this section, we discuss in which cases it is possible and what is the process established by law.

What does the law establish?

The crimes of the criminal record certificate can be eliminated in the following circumstances:

- Less serious crimes
- Some serious crimes
- Provided that the person has not committed a crime under local or federal laws after serving his sentence
- Comply with the term established by law to request the application, depending on the crime committed.

They are not eligible for this process:

Those who appear in the Registry of Persons convicted for violent sexual offenses and abuse against minors or convicted for corruption. They can request to remove the conviction from the criminal record once their name is removed from the registry.

People with extremely long convictions. For example, if a person receives a 99-year sentence they could not ask for the conviction of the record to be eliminated. It is because, according to the law, he would have to wait at least 5 years after serving his sentence to request it.

The process and requirements to clear the criminal record varies according to the type of crime:

It is the court that determines whether to grant the elimination of the crime from the record or not. The decision of the Superintendent can be reviewed before the court of appeals. If it is a serious crime, the decision of the court of the first instance can be appealed to the Appeals.

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