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Posted by Jennifer Atkinson on March 3rd, 2020

In the words of motivational speakers, there is always room for improvement. When Uber brought in the revolution of on-demand services, it was considered a massive leap in the world of business. A lot of ventures started to adopt the Uber model and ‘Uberization’ and ‘Uber for x’ became mainstream expressions in the world of new businesses.

The success of a business lies in breaking the notion of what was considered the best. At a time when Uber was considered the pinnacle of on-demand business, there was a silent start-up in Indonesia that was working on breaking the supremacy of Uber at least in terms of utilities. Although the start-up was silent in 2010, it started to gain limelight when it became the first unicorn from Indonesia. It has a coveted investment portfolio where reputed global giants like Google have invested about .2 billion in the company. The company started to expand its services to other neighboring nations like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. They started to establish offshore offices in cities like Bangalore.

We are talking about the Indonesian super app Gojek. 

The Story of Gojek

Gojek started as an extension to the traditional bike taxis in Indonesia called ojeks. The bike taxi ecosystem in Indonesia was quite unorganized, but the transportation infrastructure of Jakarta meant that people had no option but to ride on these relatively unsafe modes of transport.

Gojek started a call center in 2010 to connect bike taxi drivers to users who have a need for transportation. This centralization meant that they could direct drivers to the exact location of the user. This also brought in the advantage of standardizing the cost of the ride. They started to add to their app portfolio slowly and steadily. They introduced transportation services, delivery services, home-based services and financial services.

All of these features made Gojek a self-sustained ecosystem where everything right from the booking of the service to the payment for the utility can be done right within the app.

Today, Gojek offers more than 30 different services that cater to all kinds of users in Indonesia. Thus, Gojek can be rightly described as the Swiss Army knife of the app world.

With a ready-made app solution like Gojek clone app, it is not a difficult task for the entrepreneur to enter into the on-demand app market. 

The different utilities offered by and Gojek


GoRide, GoCar and GoBluebird offer bike and car transportation services — the first one was offering bike taxis and the other two offering cabs. Users can opt to either go by the meter or for a pre-determined fare. 


Gojek offers a wallet-service called Go-Pay. This wallet service helps send and receive money in the online and offline worlds. They also seamlessly integrate with other apps, enabling easy payments. GoBill offers utility bill payment services. 

Food & Shopping

GoMart delivers groceries at your doorstep. GoFood is the UberEats equivalent, and it offers food delivery services. GoMed offers delivery of drugs and pharmaceuticals. Even in the offline world, there’s GoFoodFestival – a chain of food stores. 

Courier & Package delivery

GoSend helps you send couriers and schedule pickups of your courier-packages at your convenience. GoBox provides truck transportation for your packages.

Home Services

GoMassage can help you request a masseuse to your home. GoGlam brings home a beautician of your choice. GoClean offers household cleaning services. GoAuto can help book a mechanic for your car. 

On-demand Content

Although not fully mature, Gojek is working on GoPlay and GoStudio, designed to be Indonesia’s own Netflix.

To top all of these up, Gojek has its own loyalty program called GoPoints, where you can earn points by availing the services offered.

Advantages brought by Super Apps

Super apps unify multiple utilities under a single login. These super apps also make it extremely useful for the company to introduce new utilities without spending a lot on marketing – there is an established user base already. They can also help merchants sign up with the app and expand their business by including more services. The super app ecosystem creates not just a win-win situation, but a win-win-win situation – the users, the merchants and the company that offers the app are all set to benefit from this.

The Market for Super Apps

It is seen that most of the super apps like WeChat, Gojek and Paytm are from Asian countries. It does not essentially mean that the markets like the United States and Europe cannot accommodate super apps. The stringent regulations on data protection and privacy might be the factors that have deterred the development of such apps. However, it does not essentially mean that the model of Gojek has to be replicated in every way. By definition, super apps are applications that offer multiple utilities. It is surely possible to create super apps that comply with legal regulations. The good news and the bad news, however, is that nobody has tapped on this huge market yet.

The relevance of Gojek clones

It might be quite a hassle to create an app like Gojek from scratch. If you intend to create the app from scratch, you will need to hire a team of developers or partner with an app development company. Both of these are bound to cost you quite a lot of time and money.

As an alternative, you can consider customizing a white label clone of Gojek. These white label clones give you the flexibility to customize it according to your needs in terms of the offered utilities and the user interface. It ensures that you save a lot on time and money. This pair of advantages are extremely important – the quicker you hit the market, the better your odds of making profits.


There are a lot of reputed Gojek clone script providers in the market. You can get in touch with them to have your gojek clone app development underway. You can also get it customized, so you are all set and ready to launch your business into the market!

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