Can a vaccine for Alzheimer's be born?

Posted by Well carlota on March 3rd, 2020

Causes of this international problems

The reason why the world today regards dementia as an international problem is because of the following reasons: indifferent consciousness of treatment, unclear etiology, difficult early diagnosis and few effective drugs. Recently, researchers at the Federal Alzheimer's Research Center found that there are many patients with amnesia. Although they are different from dementia, they will soon develop into Alzheimer's. Some data indicate that about 15% of patients with progressive memory impairment will convert into typical Alzheimer's disease each year. This is because when they are young, many lesions are lurking. Therefore, it is of positive significance to pay attention to preventing dementia from a young age. For example, develop brain potential, use more brains, exercise properly, adjust psychological balance, control high-fat diets, and prevent alcoholism. These points, for the time being, are still active and effective ways to prevent dementia in the elderly.

How to detect Alzheimer's disease early

How to detect Alzheimer's disease early, researchers from New York University School of Medicine have conducted many years of research. "We have found a way to detect abnormal changes in memory-processing areas in the brain," said Moni Sylion, a professor of psychiatry at New York University School of Medicine. Monitor multiple dementia therapies currently being implemented. " They measured structural changes in the enterhinal cortex of a major memory center in the brain. "MM scan" found that the area appeared to gradually shrink in the brain of patients with mild dementia. "MRI imaging technology" relies on electromagnetic action to stimulate water molecules in the brain, so as to take pictures of brain tissue at a high speed. Dementia gradually destroys neurons in the patient's brain. The initial symptom is memory loss, which eventually leads to dementia.

A vaccine to treat Alzheimer's is being developed

As for how to treat Alzheimer's disease, the medical community around the world is conducting research. Recently, the British Irish pharmaceutical group Flynn Corporation is researching and developing an experimental vaccine that can prevent and reduce plaque accumulation in the brain, which may be used to prevent or treat Alzheimer's disease. The vaccine, named AN-1792, was developed on the basis of a synthetic β-amyl peptide, which is a key part that causes amyloid plaque to settle in the brain. This vaccine was developed to stimulate the body's immune response to prevent or eliminate plaque in the brain.

The development of Alzheimer’s vaccine primarily aims at two targets, amyloid beta (Aβ) and tau protein. Their accumulation during Alzheimer’s disease (AD) progression can cause neuronal damage. Therefore, researchers hope that the immune system is able to recognize the antigenic characteristics of the two proteins and produce antibodies against them.

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