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Biology is combination of two words “bios” which means ‘life’ and “logos” which means ‘study’. It is termed as study of life and living beings. Biology involve the study of physical structure, molecular interactions, growth, origin, development and evolution of living organisms.

Subdivision of Biology

Biology is very broad subject to study. It is classified into different classes and given as:

  1. Botany
  2. Cellular Biology
  3. Ecology
  4. Evolution biology
  5. Genetics
  6. Molecular biology
  7. Zoology
  8. Biochemistry

Botany is also referred as plant biology, it is study of plant structure, impact of environment, how they grow and what are their micro constitutes. Cellular Biology is the study of cell, structure of cell or how they will function. It’s based on cell theory and only focus on basic unit of life I.e. cell. Ecology is the study of organisms’ interaction with the environment and its effect. It describes the relation between living (humans & animal) and non-living organism (plants). Evolution Biology is the study of evolutionary process that describes the changes in heritable characteristics of biological population over the time. Genetics is the studies of heredity and genes in which we study how traits is passed from parents to their child. Molecular Biology concern about biological activities at molecular level in which we study how various cellular system interact in terms of DNA, RNA and protein synthesis. We study the structure of proteins, nucleic acids. Zoology is the study of animal members and their characteristics. It’s generally a study of animal’s life. Biochemistry is the hybrid field, combination of biology and chemistry. In which study biological process and function at cellular and molecular level.

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àEvolution (Darwin theory)

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