Why BT Versatility is a smart choice for your business?

Posted by albertareid on July 27th, 2012

Every business establishment requires a market to cater for and for building the market for your product or services, telecommunication is indispensable. Today we have a wide choice of business telephone systems available on the market. They have a wide range of features and come at a varying cost. It is important that your business is equipped with a right kind of telephone system. It should cater to your company needs today and for years to come. BT Versatility is a renowned name in the telecommunication industry. It is a popular choice for many organisations due to its cutting-edge features and flexibility. Its potential can be harnessed by both small and large organisations.

The BT Versatility system is a very cost effective means of reaching your target clients and increasing the productivity of your staff. The product is very flexible in construction and can adapt to all sizes of telecommunication networks. The construction of the system is modular with provisions to add extra modules and lines as and when required. It is the ideal system that can be started with minimum hardware and cost. As and when the demand increases, the system can be supplemented with additional modules to increase its capacity. It is a link between the classical systems and the latest state of the art systems. It has the potential to serve both of them. You can simply keep on adding the features that you want and enhance the potential of your company’s telephone system.

Most business telephone systems are now built with Voice Over Internet Protocol. This is the leading technology that is making using of the Internet to carry voice calls. This expands your business reach across the globe at a very affordable price. BT Versatility enhancement features include VOIP and IP calling as well. It can handle both telephone and Internet lines with the help of the same module. The products modular approach again proves advantageous. Your business environment today needs both Internet and voice call to grow. This system takes care of both.

The system has the potential to cater for both plain old telephone service and new ISDN lines. It can take advantage of your existing telephone lines and build a robust communication network for your business. It significantly reduces your communication costs. It multiplexes and switches the call between your existing lines to use their full potential. It is supple enough to support all types of telephone instruments. You can attach the most basic ones to the latest features packed instrument to the system as it will work on all of them.

This telephone system had been around for a quite a long time now. It has already proved its worth and quality. Financially, the flexible cost of the system is a major advantage. The cost of the basic unit is very low. As and when requirement arises, you can put in more money and buy additional modules. The long legacy of the system makes it available as refurbishment units. The costs of such units are very low and are extremely affordable.

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