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Welcome to the World of Selenite - 

Even on the darkest nights when everything seems so Silent as if it’s the calm before the Storm, when only the howling of the wolves and rustling of trees can be heard on the outside, when no one dares to step out into the Dark, the moon still shines Bright like a Diamond. High up in the sky wrapped in the blanket of the night it still lights up the World just a Little bit. Selenite is a moon in trapped in a Crystal. This Perfect Beauty is a tiny moon that will light up your Life even in your darkest times. It will hold your hand and help you see the light that within yourself and in others.

Selenite is a Gem Stone for people born in and is associated with Astrological Zodiac Sign the Taurus.

Know my Story!

SeleniteSelenite is commonly found Sulphate mineral with its deposit all around the Globe. It is formed as evaporative mineral usually found in alkaline lake mud and clay beds. Brazil and Morocco are the chief producers of Selenite. Algeria, Angola and Argentina rank second in mining Selenite. In Australia, New South Wales and South Australia are the Chief producers of Selenite. Europe is also Considered as one of the large deposit of Selenite. This Gem Stone is mined in several parts of the Europe including Austria, Belgium and Bolivia.

The Green color Selenite is a rare form of this mineral and is found mainly in Australia. These are very Fragile and usually Occur as Clusters.

My Quality and Value - Selenite

Selenite is a Precious Gemstone which derives its name from a Greek Word meaning ‘The Moon’. Selenite has an Exuberant Beauty with its white Crystalline appearance.

It is a Sulphate belonging to the gypsum group. It is one of the most commonly occurring Gypsum and hence, can be easily found in any Jewelry Store or Antique shop at a Reasonable Price.

Selenite is colorless to white in color with a Crystalline shine and a transparent structure which gives it the moon like Beauty. It has a mono-clinic Crystal structure with a hardness ranging 2 on Moh’s scale. This Crystal usually occurs as tabular, reticulated and columnar in structure. This Crystals usually have no Inclusions, therefore they are Transparent.

Sometimes Selenite are Opaque, this is resulted due to the Inclusions present in them in the form of druzy. It is a crust of tiny Crystals which form or fuse within or upon the surface of a rock or another Crystal.

Selenite when cut accordingly show Fluorescence which is a property of emission of Light absorbed.

Selenite Gem Stone is a Flexible Stone but may break if put under too much pressure. This Crystal can easily be cut and is carved in various shapes to be sold in the market.

These are much desired as jewelry and ornaments. They are sold Worldwide in various ranges of Shapes and forms of jewelries as rings or earrings or other expensive pieces. Selenite because of its Beauty and Healing Powers is always in high demand.

Selenite - I am a Healer!

Selenite has high Vibration Energies which are very calming. Wearing This calms your inner soul and brings peace within your body. This Crystal is also believed to help in lowering your high blood pressure and making the blood flow smooth in your Veins resulting in a Sense of Serenity.

This is an excellent Crystal for clear vision and understanding it helps in viewing the things with no clouded judgement or fear resulting in better decision making Abilities.

This is a powerful Crystal which blocks away unwanted energies that would disturb your state of Mind. It promotes concentration and motivation in achieving one’s goal.

It is often used to cleanse other Crystals and Mineral due to its Ability to form a linear spear shape with directional flow of energy.

It is popular Belief that a Selenite Crystal can help you activate your dormant Abilities of the past Life. This Crystal is very helpful when trying to achieve a higher spiritual being free from any kind of humanly greed and distraction. The Selenite Crystal aligns your Crown Chakra with the powerful energy of earth flowing underground and connects it to your Mind.

This Crystal is known to open the crown chakra and allows the wearer to access the Trans-personal Chakras. It is said that using this Stone at the Heart chakra may help the wearer to Find the feel of the energy moving through the Crown Chakra.

This is a Crystal with a value of money. This impeccable Beauty of a Gem Stone provides many magical powers and Healing Abilities to the wearer which helps them in various aspects of Life. It is a perfect gift to give your Loved one helping them in Leading a better Life Style. The Selenite Crystal with its moon like shine and beauty will catch anyone’s eye and add more beauty to the wearer.

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