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Posted by Joseph Franks on March 4th, 2020

So many crimes happen every day that not everything can be brought to your consideration. So it is safe to take up that criminal offenses do not only take place in person, they also occur on the World Wide Web. As well the typical piracy when downloading movies, the shows, and music unlawfully, there are a few other offenses that can be punished with jail time. You should be made conscious of these things if you are trying to avoid time behind bars. Believe it or not, people may use the internet as a way to commit crimes more often than they would in person because they believe they can use the internet to break the law and remain just unknown enough to get away with it, this is false.

It may come as no revelation to you, that fraud is committed online in big numbers. Many decent internet users use the internet to make purchases, or even apply for credit cards or different jobs. Because of this, the internet has a huge storage of credit card and banking information, the social security numbers, and names and addresses. With this kind of information, and just the perfect amount of knowledge with computers, few people are able to hack systems and get access this information you may think is protected.

Outside of stealing and gaining information, online prostitution is just as famous. This allows men and women to stay in the relief of their homes and again, remain just mysterious enough to get away with their criminal activities. There are websites created that allow individuals to ask themselves in exchange for money, goods, or a service. People will code their work, let’s suppose as a “massage” or even just as simple as a date, to stay away from the radar as possible.

The Online harassment, which is also known as cyber-bullying, is very common. Because of its skills to make someone completely anonymous, people find the courage to say mean and frightening things to almost anyone, just because they can. Harassment online comes in the same form as it does in person, sensual included. These offenses are taken just as extremely and are punishable offenses.

Simply put, if it is prohibited in person, chances are it is illegal online unless precisely created for online purposes. There are so many ways to stand up criminal charges through the internet, and even then there are criminal defenses that may be available to you should you be suspected of such crimes. If you or someone you know has been accused of an internet offense, contact a San Francisco Criminal Defense Attorney as soon as you can.

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