How to distinguish between crystal mosaic tile and glass mosaic tile

Posted by aihw on March 4th, 2020

At the same time, due to the special properties of glass, crystal clear, bright and beautiful, colorful, so the decoration can fully demonstrate the beauty and elegance of glass art, and produce a rich three-dimensional vision under different lighting effects.

How to distinguish between crystal mosaic tiles and glass mosaic tiles. In addition to the crystal quality products produced by major international brands and factories, we can also identify them according to the following methods.

The main difference between crystal mosaic tiles and glass mosaic tiles is that in terms of materials, ordinary glass is composed of silicon dioxide, while artificial crystal is a high-lead glass, also called lead crystal glass. 24 is added to ordinary glass % Lead oxide. After making a mosaic, compared with ordinary glass mosaic tiles, the main characteristics of crystal mosaic tiles are large specific gravity and heavy hand feel; large refractive index, which can transmit a colorful spectrum under the sun, which is very charming; high hardness, and can be wear-resistant and pressure-resistant for a long time . When we buy crystal mosaic tiles, it is best to pay more attention to brand products. Some small businesses or workshops are limited by cost. The crystal oxides produced by the crystal mosaic tiles have a lead oxide content of less than 10%. Blind purchase will affect the service life.

The reason is that although the glass mosaic tile of the mirror surface is very bright and bright, it is also very “elegant”. It is very picky about the partner of adhesive. Its bottom glaze is easy to destroy the color when it encounters strong and weak acid and alkali, and the cement is alkaline. , So there will be such a problem, cement paste can not make the mosaic firm, single pieces will fall off for a long time, it is difficult to clean, so you need to re-attach the mosaic. Mosaic background wall.

Listen to the sound. We can flick the surface of the mosaic lightly with our hands. The sound of the crystal mosaic tile is crisp, just like a metal impact, with a lingering feeling; the sound of the glass mosaic tile is heavy and there is no echo.

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