Zombie Army 4: Dead War Surprising and Scary Features Guide

Posted by Aida Martin on March 4th, 2020

A newly released game by the franchise of the Zombie Army from the developer Rebellion developments is Zombie Army 4: Dead War. The environment of the game takes the player in the year 1946 at the time of World War 2 when the death war begins, and the player needs to fight against the zombies instead of Nazis. It’s a total fun game that players can play with their friends. There are four characters given in the game, which are Karl, Shola, Jun, Boris, and full weapon loadout of rifles and pistol. Every character that available in Zombie Army 4: Dead War has a unique ability and attributes stats.

From the newly unlocked to a better-upgraded character, the road is too long, and by completing the game, you can modify and make them reliable. Weapons matters a lot in Zombie Army 4: Dead War and because from the weapon style of the player decides. Killing the zombies by blasting or by shooting is the two primary ways in Zombie Army 4: Dead War. Overall graphics, action, load out, character design, and interaction is fair and worth playing.

No Bugs and Glitches

It’s a great thing for the gamers who play it or thinking of playing it, that in Zombie Army 4: Dead War, currently no bug or glitch found. Having no bugs and glitch in-game, no player will not be affected by any wrong thing. In the previous version, there were some glitches regarding the sniper rifle, but in Zombie Army 4: Dead War, there’s nothing like that available as of now.

Moreover, it has also launched several exciting features for the game, such as back button attachments. With this, users can quickly access more options along with how people control their playstyle.  Besides that, it will surely be more fascinating elements on the PlayStation controller.  Sony has also confirmed in regards to the controls that it will be backward compatible with your PlayStation.

Experience of Playing and Getting Killed

The amazing thing in Zombie Army 4: Dead War is that when you die, the character reaches a zombie until the player decides to quit in single-player mode or saved by the co-partner. Shooting the dolls, collecting the zombie’s hands, and getting back from the dead provide gives an interesting experience even if you die in the match of Zombie Army 4: Dead War.

Without playing with a partner, your playing experience could be lower, and also there are many rewards that can only be earned by playing in co-op. Some zombies in Zombie Army 4: Dead War look deadly and massive by their bodies.  Apart from the storyline, there in Zombie Army 4: Dead War players have to complete the zombie challenges, and it is the one challenging thing that will blow-your-mind.

Weekly events and horde mode, two essential things are available that players need to play to enjoy the game entirely. Putting all these things aside, if you want to be reliable, then you need to find quest and other missions to be a better zombie killer.

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