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Posted by AngeloEverton on July 30th, 2012

Moving supplies are quintessential purchases for someone who is about to move to a new home or any kind of dwelling. One of the most important purchases that you will ever make during this process is the moving boxes. You have to buy moving boxes designed to provide incredible support to your items, ensuring that your home is safe from risks and other possible concerns. When you buy moving boxes, you have to know that there are different things to consider and this will help you in making better decisions based on what boxes to pick for packing your stuff.

This box is made for moving

When you buy moving boxes, you need to make sure that their ECT rating is above 32. ECT is also known as the Edge Crush Test. This is a test that shows how resilient the box is when it comes to accepting external pressures like the weight of another box. The ECT rating is located at the flap of your box. Kindly check if it is above 32 since this means that the walls of the box are resilient and can withstand vertical force effectively. Some boxes are designed for design purposes only for consumer goods so the ratings tend to be lower than 32, not ideal for moving items.

Understanding sizes

When you buy moving boxes it is ideal that you purchase the standard sizes. There are 3 inside dimensions that you can choose from. The most common size is medium at 16"x13"x13". This is a very versatile box size and can be used for several household items like books, collectibles, records as well as some heavier items mixed with lighter items.  You can also opt for the large size that is also multipurpose but tends to be less used since it is not as compact as a medium. This is ideal if you are carrying too many items to the new home. Finally, there is the extra-large size. This is ideal for beddings, drapes. Though you may think size means heavier items, you are wrong. There are some items that are light but very hard to manage like fabric and beddings so instead of putting them on a suit case, you can opt for an extra-large sized box. As you can see when you buy moving boxes, it is important to be strategic with your decisions.

Specialty boxes

There are also specialty boxes that you can choose. First, you have the very convenient wardrobe boxes that are incredible time savers since this, makes it easier to move massive amounts of clothing from the closet to the box. They are designed for maximum clothing protection and it makes the whole process of keeping your items safe and wrinkle free. There are many other boxes to choose from. It is all about prioritizing your move. It is very important to make strategic decisions so that you can make sure that you are buying the right kind of products that fit your budget and will make it easier to carry and manage all other items from the old to the new house.

There are so many moving supplies available for you right now, but what are your best options? Let us help you buy moving boxes that you need. Our massive inventory is just waiting, offering the best possible options for your moving day.

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