Can E-Cigarettes Help in Reducing and Finally Quit Smoking?

Posted by vapouriz on July 30th, 2012

People who are hooked to smoking and are trying to quit are looking out for options which will help them gradually reduce their nicotine intake. A number of options like nicotine chews, nicotine patches and shots are available. But what you do not realize is that just like nicotine intake, the smoking habit is also an addiction. By the time you try to quit, it would have become such an integral part of your life and daily routine that it is difficult to live without it.

Smokers find some unknown joy in holding the cigarette, inhaling the smoke and exhaling it, while enjoying the bliss of nicotine. That psychological factor is what makes quitting smoking even harder. So, the best alternative to conventional cigarettes is the electronic cigarette.

Addressing the Psychological Need

Smokers usually have a habit of taking a smoking break regularly. This makes it difficult for them to sit at a place for long. After a while, the nicotine deprivation becomes too hard to bear and the urge to smoke becomes stronger. Since smoking amidst people is not appreciated, they go to smoking zones or a lonely place and light a cigarette.

Experts feel that e-cigarettes will give the smokers a feel of smoking real cigarettes. This is because, they will not only be holding a device which looks like a real cigarette but also emits a vapor which is similar to the cigarette smoke. A study had revealed that smokers are not satisfied unless they feel the taste of smoke and this is exactly the advantage an e-cigarette has over other nicotine alternatives.

Regulating Nicotine Intake

It is a well known fact that a complete cut-off of nicotine supply will not go well with the body and it will be too much to take even for the strong-willed people. With e cigarettes, there is an option where the smoker can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine he/she will absorb. Initially, the levels will be on par with the nicotine levels of a normal cigarette. But gradually, they can reduce it so that after a time period, they can completely cut off the intake.

A combination of all the above factors makes e-cigarettes the best option if you are tying to quit smoking. But you must also keep in mind that along with this aid, a lot of will power and a desire to quit smoking is also quite essential.

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