E-Cigarettes Popular Among Celebrities

Posted by vapouriz on July 31st, 2012

E-cigarettes may not seem like the perfect substitutes for conventional cigarettes but they do the job and many people are more than happy to make the swap. There are numerous benefits associated with the usage of electronic cigarettes, in contrast to using conventional cigarettes, and celebrities are trying to take advantage of this fact. Along with the health and cosmetic benefits that come with smoking e-cigarettes, they can use the fact that they are using eco-friendly cigarettes for publicity. Their nicotine craving will also be satisfied (and most celebrities can’t make do without nicotine).

Gives the Same Sensation as Conventional Cigarettes

For most of the celebrity smokers, smoking is more of a habit than an addiction. Lighting up a smoke at the beginning of the day, after a couple of hours after lunch, etc, would have become such an integral part of their lives that they feel uncomfortable if this particular routine is interrupted. This was one of the primary reasons why nicotine alternatives do not work.

Even though nicotine patches, gums, and chews give the body the same nicotine dosage as smoking a cigarette, there is something about standing alone or with a group of smokers, holding the cigarette and taking in your dose of nicotine. This social convention or habit is more of a psychological thing.

Also, with the other cigarette alternatives, there is no smoke. Smoke is an integral part of the smoking process, which is never complete without inhaling and exhaling smoke. The exhaled fume from E cigs is nothing but harmless water vapor. The vapor also will not have significant amounts of harmful chemicals, unlike cigarette smoke, to cause problems.

Cosmetic Benefits of E-Cigarettes

There are a lot of problems, mainly with respect to health and appearance that comes with smoking. Yellowing of teeth, darkening of nails, flaky lips, wrinkles around the eyes and on cheeks, bad breath, etc are a few of those. By using e-cigarettes, celebrities are ensuring that none of these problems are caused and smoking doesn’t come in the way of their looks. After all, looks are one of the most important things for celebrities.

Influencing Others to Use E-Cigarettes

Some celebrities are using e-cigarettes in both their reel and real lives and boldly proclaiming that they are doing so. By doing this, they are influencing people to shun conventional cigarettes and take up e-cigarettes. This is a good move as the celebrities are doing their bit to help reducing pollution.

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This Article is written by Brett Horth, Director and Head of Client SEO Strategy at Evolve Digital Media. From last few years, he is been the active member of the Vapouriz Limited, which offers disposable e cigarettes that are supplied in many bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants in UK and all around the world. They also supply very high quality e liquid which come in a variety of flavors.

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