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Posted by AbdulMaxwell on March 4th, 2020

Apparently there is a great debate in scientific circles. Swimmers and surfers all over the world tell stories that they have somehow been "rescued" by dolphins, and scientists have trouble accepting it. If someone says 'I was half a mile from the beach and got in trouble, but then a dolphin showed up, swam under me and lifted me up', scientists can't accept it. They do not think that dolphins are intelligent enough to realize that humans are in trouble and then plan something like a "rescue". Why not? Dolphins have brains that are almost as big as ours. They communicate using a complex language of grunts, screams and whistles. They are a social animal, just like humans, and biologists claim that living in colonies forced us to develop big brains. Oh, except for the fact that dolphins are mammals in the water and we're mammals on land, oh, and they don't have weapons. Does that make them stupid?

A very interesting program on the BBC last night provided two well-documented examples. In both cases, there were many witnesses, so there were no disputes about what really happened. In the first case, a group of swimmers had gone out on a boat in the Red Sea. They met a dolphin school and started swimming with them. After a while, the dolphins left and the humans, except one, got back in their boat. The unlucky man was attacked by a shark. He took a bite and the people in the boat saw a huge pool of blood in the water and turned to retrieve it. Before reaching him, they saw that the dolphins had reappeared and seemed to swim in circles around the victim, as if to protect him from the shark.

Whoah, say the researchers. We don't know what the dolphins were spinning? Oh no, say the men in white coats. Everyone saw that there were witnesses. But we don't know that dolphins had thought to themselves, "This poor unlucky man, we have to protect him." No, said a highly qualified guy. It may be that dolphins have the instinct to "surround wagons." When sharks appear, they are grouped together to protect each other. They could have included this guy, because maybe they confused him with one of their own. I ask for your pardon? Dolphins, you say, are not only NOT thinking beings, but they also do not know the difference between the legs and the tail of a fish.

In the second case, which took place in front of North Island New Zealand, a group of dolphins surrounded a group of swimmers who actually qualified as lifeguards. The pack of dolphins swam around the group and held them together for more than half an hour when there was no danger or obvious problems. That, said the experienced lifeguards, was very unusual. Only after about 45 minutes did they see the great white shark's fins. Ah, say the scientists, don't interpret this! You can’t say dolphins knew the shark was there; I knew swimmers were in danger; and I went to protect them. What can you say? Okay, maybe 'The dolphins saved us' implies that feathered mammals thought too much, but you know you could say 'Which dolphins saved our lives.' It is true.

Because at the end of the day, especially at the end of a long day in the water and which prevents them from eating you, it really doesn't matter what went through the dolphin heads. The facts of the previous two cases are (i) swimmers were in danger of sharks; (ii) they avoided death because the dolphins were close. It doesn't matter if mammals that swim and breathe air recognize us as a companion species and realize that our clumsy swim attempts often attract sharks who think we're fish in trouble (I got that from 'Jaws' ). Again, that's the part when Richard Dreyfus argues with the mayor on the beach.)

No, scientists are having trouble with the old chestnut, "What's really happening?", What it means to them, "What were they thinking?" Many of us get caught up in it. For example, it is a firm fact that only five per cent of the elderly in the UK and the US reach retirement age with enough money to survive. Most of us end up in retirement and bankruptcy. That is a fact. It really doesn't matter what went through our heads; what were our intentions; what we had planned; or what we expected But we are interested in such mental processes. Why? In recent years, the weather has thrown everything at us: hurricanes, floods, forest fires, snow and snowstorms, and you think of nothing. These things happen.

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