Is Your Website Impacted by Google’s Algorithm Updates?

Posted by Jane Edison on March 4th, 2020

 Results that stagnate will not get your website the ranking you want, they will not bring traffic and they are the reason why you will fall behind your competitors. Digital marketing is an art and only true artists know how to take action when needed and benefit from all the opportunities. Industry leaders focus on effective marketing approaches and they will make a difference as far as the ranking of your website is concerned.

When Do You Need SEO Company USA?

Are you happy with the current ranking of your website? Does it bring you traffic, do you convert leads into sales thanks to your online presence? Does your website appear in search results? It is important to have the answer to these questions so that you know what to do with your website. Those of you who lack the time or expertise to promote their business in the digital landscape and to optimize their website should not hesitate to hire SEO company USA. Why should you waste your time with things that you do not know much about when you can outsource this task and let professionals do their work?

Websites need to be optimized all the time and you should not consider this an extra expense, but an investment that will deliver results in the long run. An integrated optimization strategy will take your business to new heights and it will boost your sales. There are numerous advantages to working with a reliable SEO company USA and you should be aware of them before you decide whether you are willing to invest in optimization services or not:
• Seo is an essential component of your overall marketing strategy and if you ignore it you will suffer the consequences
• It increases sales
• It is available at a reasonable cost and you only pay for the services you need
• It leverages social sharing
• It enables people to find your website
• It builds trust and credibility in the digital landscape
• It builds your brand
• It provides long-term results
• It drives offline sales
• It attracts relevant traffic
• It is measurable
• It is cost-effective
• It is better than paid traffic
• It can be outsourced

Reasons to Outsource Optimization for Your Website

Most businesses do not have an in-house department dedicated to search engine optimization because this is too costly and not worth it. For this reason, they prefer to outsource to SEO company USA and have at their disposal a team of experts that are up to date with the latest algorithm changes, ranking factors and know what to do to improve your website’s ranking. A trustworthy company will work faster than an in-house department, because a team of experts will work on your optimization plan and come up with solutions that are tailored to your needs. Investing in professional optimization services will, without any doubt, bring you revenue so it is worth it.

It is the job of specialists in this field to ensure that your website is found by the right audience. It is their job to identify the weak point of your website, to perform an audit and to make the necessary adjustments so that your website is no longer hit every time Google launches a new algorithm update. Ranking drops can be avoided but the more effective way to do this is to invest in the professional services offered by SEO company USA on a regular basis. We should emphasize the fact that it is not easy to recover after you have been penalized by Google and it is better to prevent this from happening.

Without proper optimization you will not be able to overcome your competitors and your website will not be found by your target audience. Google’s latest search algorithm, BERT, impacts search queries and it is designed to help computers understand language. Therefore, BERT will match queries with more relevant results. Although no one knows how to optimize for BERT, there is something you can do to improve your rankings and that is to write content for your users. According to Searchengineland  “10% of all queries have been impacted by this update”.

Why You Should Invest in SEO in the Long-run

Website owners probably already know that they can invest in optimization on a short-term basis to obtain some results. Although this is a step forward, it is not enough to improve the ranking of your website on a long-term basis. Building links and creating content for the sake of content will not boost the visibility of your business in the online environment. Working with professionals in this field will make a difference because they are up to date with emerging trends, algorithmic changes and technological advancements. Furthermore, they know how important your audience is and they will take the time to understand how it behaves and what it expects from you. According to Searchenginejournal “The more you know about your audience, the more powerful your digital marketing efforts will become”.

You need the services provided by SEO company USA that will conduct market search to know your audience better, gather data using tools, research social networks to see how much people know about your business, create a representation of the ideal customer, identify influencers of the target audience and reach out to them. As you can see, the realm of optimization is quite complex and mistakes can cost you the success of your business. For this reason, it is better to outsource this process to the right company and to take this huge burden off your shoulders. When you work with specialists in this field you will have peace of mind knowing that your website is in the best hands. Also, you will have more time to focus on growing your business and you will no longer worry every time you hear about a new algorithm release.

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