Troubleshooting E-Cigarettes and Its Components

Posted by vapouriz on July 31st, 2012

E cigarettes are probably one of the best aids available to help you quit smoking. They will provide the smokers with their dose of nicotine without the other harmful and sometimes painful side effects associated with conventional cigarettes. Since they are electrical devices, they are comprised of small working components which can fail at times. Even the best of e-cigarette brands will give you some trouble or the other eventually; the lack of smoky vapor, the right amount of nicotine or complete failure of the e-cigarette. Here are some tips which will help you in troubleshooting your e-cigarette.

Problem with the Atomizer

The atomizer is the component which is responsible for heating up the nicotine, which will convert it into vapor. The vapor will then be included to the ‘smoke’ which you draw from the e-cigarette. Please note that the pack will not come with a fully loaded cartridge. Only a dummy with a few drops of nicotine will be present. If your e-cigarette works only for a few minutes before stopping, as soon as you unpack it, then the cartridge is probably empty.

Add a new one and it will be back to normal. If your atomizer is too hot, then you must leave the device to cool down. Adding a few drops of the liquid to it will help in speeding up the cooling process. If your atomizer is warm and yet not giving off vapor, then there might be too much liquid in it and you will have to drain it out. You can do this by detaching the butt part and blowing through it.

Battery Issues

You should understand that the battery does have a life cycle and as its ages, its efficiency also decreases. So, you will not get the same efficiency after a couple of months as you were getting initially. The battery life will be indicated on the e-cigarette pack. This will give you an idea of how long your battery will last before you should replace it. During replacement, make sure that you buy it from the dealer so that you get the maximum possible efficiency.


Electronic cigarette cartridge life will depend on the length of your drag. Some people prefer short drags while others take really long drags. Also, since the cartridges are exposed to heat continuously, their life span is really short. If you find the edges loosening or breaking down, that is the cue for you to replace it.

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