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Surat is the “Diamond City” and also known as the “Textile City of India”. The city is a treat to the architectural lovers, and it has held its medieval appeal despite being a place that is known for a few battles. Surat even has its notice in mythology, it is said that Lord Krishna has a little stopover here when he was going from Mathura to Dwarka.

The city has been an observer of numerous battles and transformations and all make it a city vital. Also, adding to this there are numerous spots to visit in Surat which mirror the rich history and culture of the city. People staying outside Surat can visit this beautiful city to explore more. Many weekend getaways around Surat will certainly increase your interest to visit these places.

Dumas Beach: Scenic View

One of the known places in the rundown of frequented puts in India, which is situated along the Arabian Sea and 21 km southwest of Surat city. It is a popular destination where tourists come to appreciate the calmness and excellent beautiful perspectives all around the city. The dark sand of this seashore draws in a large number of tourists every year. One striking feature of the seashore is the paranormal exercises.

Sarthana Nature Park: Experience Wildlife

Surat is a city that is generally well known for its national parks and beaches. Sarthana Nature Park comes on the list now. It is additionally an extraordinary fascination in Surat which is arranged in Anand Nagar, Surat. It was worked in 1984. It has involved a zone of 81 acres of land, which makes it the greatest wild park in Surat. In the park, you can appreciate the wonderful natural life and can spot various creatures like deer, regal Bengal tigers, bred lions, and white peafowl.

VR Surat Mall: Shop, Play and Eat

Situated in the Magdalla neighborhood of Surat, VR Mall is among the top shopping places in Surat. Bragging very good quality brands and retail locations, the shopping center spreads more than 615000 sq. ft. The shopping center likewise has social occasions and celebrations and is a blend of private-open organizations. Furthermore, it has an enormous INOX Surat where you can watch the most recent Bollywood and Hollywood motion pictures and here and there territorial additionally, and a spectacular gaming zone in Surat for the children. Notwithstanding that, it likewise has a huge nourishment court with a few nearby and worldwide natural ways of life and eats in an eatery where you can satisfy your food cravings after a strenuous shopping meeting.

People in Surat can rely on VR Surat mall for shopping, entertainment and as a hangout place to relax on the weekends.   

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