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Posted by bharat on March 4th, 2020

Even if Air Guns sounds like a real shooting gun but it doesn’t work as a real gun. It only hurts and makes attackers faints. It is specially used for women's safety. The good thing about Air Gun is that it is valid in India. Women can take advantage of Air Gun in India. As we all know India is considered unsafe for women so there comes a need for women's safety to secure from the rapist, molesters, and attackers. For buying Air Gun in India, visit KK Cards Shop and its website. You can also Buy Air Pistol for Ladies Use without License in India at a very low price from KK cards in Delhi. 

More details About Air pistol is below-

The pistol needs to be loaded with what is called a ‘caplet’ which is a small cylinder containing CO2. This is inserted into the grip area, and this CO2 powers the shot. Reloading is not required when several pellets are loaded in the rotary magazine which can also be inserted near the breach area of the gun. These CO2 guns pack quite a bit of power and can inflict pain, if not stopping power. If that is enough for self-defense - meaning, the looks, the ‘hurting’ capability, then one can try this.

Action India Home Products, KK Cards, is the leading company and dealer of Air Pistol for Ladies Use without License in Delhi India. You can buy an online Taser or Stun Gun in Cheap Price from us because we have a vast variety of models in the range of Air Gun in India.

The use of Air Gun is so much easy and you can just open the Air Gun and then shoot on the attacker. One-Shot on the Attacker is enough to injure them and the Air Gun is the best device for the women. The Gun is loaded with a caplet, which contains a small cylinder of CO2.

Having attacked the attacker, he will go in the shock mode and will not be able to stand up on the road and while this you will get enough time to run away from that spot. These guns do not need a license as they fall into the .177 air gun category and pack less than 20 joules of energy.

The product is mainly made for women's safety. Self-defense is one of the important aspects for the people and that’s why they buy the different types of devices for security purposes. The Real Gun may be costly for you and also not available for the common people and that’s why this type of electric shock gun device is working amazingly for the clients.

Having read the use we are sure that you are interested to buy it. So don’t be late. Just order the Air gun and make your family secure. Women Safety Air Gun in India at Cheap Price is available on the website of, KK Cards, Action India Home Products. Our company is dealing with spy security gadgets from the last 20 years and that’s why the name of the company becomes a big brand in the security weapon market. You can also buy an Air Gun for Ladies Use in India from our official website.

Availability of Security devices like Air Gun are decreasing crime rates against women in India. because they can easily protect themselves from criminals and attackers. You can buy an online Air Gun in India from our official website or Air Gun Shop in India. The product is not only good in the quality but also helpful to secure you from any difficult situation. This is the right time when you can gift this amazing self-defense weapon to your daughter, mother or wife.

The time has come to adopt the latest gadgets for security purposes and when you think to improve your safety in the night and day also then the option to Buy Air Gun for Women Use without License in India is best for you. Don’t worry about the price of the device because it is not so high according to your expectations.

We, KK Cards, also deal in spy Gadgets, Security cameras, and gambling cheating products. We have a home delivery and shipping system. 

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