Electronic Cigarettes: Are They Beneficial to the Environment?

Posted by vapouriz on July 31st, 2012

Smoking on the portico used to be a common sight. With the advent of no-smoking laws, smoking cigarettes in public places like bars, pubs, restaurants and on the roads is now becoming a rare sight. Still, for smokers who want to enjoy their cigarettes without having to challenge any laws, the electronic cigarette is the best option. An increasing number of people are choosing electronic cigarettes as the product mimics a real cigarette. In reality, the e-cigarette features a nicotine vapour that smokers have to inhale.

E-cigarettes do not contain chemicals

Returning from a poker room now does not include the heady smell of tobacco. Instead, people smoke electronic cigarettes that are inadvertently turning them into environmentalists. When you compare real cigarettes with electronic ones, it has been found that the level of air pollution in the former is much higher. With a single drag of a real cigarette, around 4,000 chemicals are let out into the air. Some of these chemicals include hydrogen cyanide, benzene, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde, which is carcinogenic.

Electronic cigarettes on the contrary, are completely smokeless and do not emit organic compounds that are volatile and air-polluting. Electronic cigarettes include a base of vegetable glycerine, which is considered to be environmentally friendly. This is because vegetable glycerine is, in essence, a waste or by-product of bio-diesel manufacturing. Britain's Royal College of Physicians and the American Association of Public Health Employees state that electronic cigarettes are safer in terms of nicotine delivery, when compared to regular cigarettes.

Statistics based on Health Canada

The best environment benefit of electronic cigarettes is the ends of the butts. According to Health Canada, it was found that more than 38 billion cigarettes were disposed in 2002 in Canada alone. This means that more than 38 billion butts were trashed in a single year. These butts were washed into streams, lakes, rivers, down streets and drains. Here, the filter made from cellulose acetate result in the collection of the 4000 or so chemicals. Even if the conditions were perfect, the filters are not biodegradable which means that it photo-degrades into tinier particles after more than a decade.

Electronic cigarettes do not pose this problem to the environment. However, the batteries incorporated in the e cigarettes have to be factored in. It is best to choose electronic cigarettes that come with rechargeable batteries, to ensure durability of the cigarette, but also that the environment is benefited by recycling them.

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