How To Recover Traffic from Google’s Broad Core Algorithm?

Posted by Jane Edison on March 4th, 2020

Broad core algorithm updates impact the ranking of website and the worst part about them is that they do not tell us to fix websites so that they are no longer affected. These updates cover the whole process of SEO and aspects like how fast our website is, how many quality links it has, how authoritative content is, make a difference. These updates are responsible for changes in traffic and they deserve our attention, that is for sure. Updates make changes to search algorithms although they do not have a specific focus in a certain area.

Why Broad Core Algorithms and Google Penalties Matter

Experienced SEOs use tools to better understand ranking drops such as Search Console, Google Analytics and others. E-A-T, which stands for Expertise, Authority and Trust cannot be measured but it influences the ranking of your website. There are many aspects that a SEO reseller company can help you with so that you have a good ranking and you maintain it in the long-run. Specialists focus on content, on the relevance it has, on the links it generates, on the validity of the author. Google penalties are damaging to the traffic of your website and professionals in this field are well-aware of this.

Google focuses on delivering a great search experience for its users and the changes it makes are meant to improve this experience. A website that ignores the user experience philosophy has a lot to lose and its ranking will be affected by Google’s updates. As a result, your main priority as a website owner should be user experience. It no longer works to trick algorithms, to buy links and to use black hat techniques to get ahead your competition. Manual penalties done by Google are due to content with no value, unnatural links, hidden text and keyword stuffing. SEO reseller agency knows how dangerous these practices are and that they should be avoided at all costs. The good news is that these penalties can be removed provided you take action and comply with Google’s guidelines.

There are also algorithmic penalties and algorithm updates that affect websites. The good news is that you can rely on an agency that provides SEO reseller services to help you with this. Businesses that want to expand and provide a wider range of services to their customers have the possibility to do that with the help of specialized agencies. You have the possibility to outsource a variety of services such as link building, social media marketing, web design, search engine optimization and others. The services provided to you will be tailored to match your specific needs and they will be within your budget.

What Services Are Provided by SEO reseller agencies

When it comes to services, you can choose from an extensive range according to your requirements:
• On-page optimization
• Keyword research and analysis
• Backlinking
• Content creation
• Off-page optimization
• Rank building
• Technical optimization
• Local optimization.

If you have a digital marketing agency but you do not have any content skills, it makes sense to outsource these tasks to those who know what they are doing. Furthermore, you can rebrand the content you get and sell it to your own customers, thus expanding the range of services you provide and making more money. Those with basic search engine optimization knowledge who are not happy with their website’s ranking should not hesitate to outsource this. Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning that different optimization services serve different purposes and it is important to know what you need.

After the release of the BERT algorithm update, the emphasis is now on audience-focused content. Keyword-rich content is no longer king. According to Searchenginejournal  “2020 is all about putting the user first by creating value-rich content”. This is a lot trickier than it sounds. As the same source mentions keywords should be mapped to search intent; this factor matters and it will help you create content that is appreciated. The content you generate should provide your target audience the solution it is interested in and if you can do that, the results will not cease to appear.

Advantages of Working with Resellers

Thanks to SEO reseller packages, digital marketing agencies can now benefit from a wide range of services:
• Access to a larger client base
• Being able to provide more services to your customers
• The possibility to respect deadlines
• More free time to focus on the things you excel at

The whole point of working with a reseller company is to keep your customers happy and to increase sales. Provided you find a reliable agency you have the possibility to expand and to maintain the loyalty of your customers, by catering to all of their digital marketing needs.

Numerous agencies resort to specialized agencies for content creation, as this is one of the most challenging parts for them. What they do not know is that only great, relevant content can boost their ranking. According to Searchenginejournal, content that is off-topic “can dilute your brand’s value proposition, attract irrelevant audiences, and hurt the bottom-of-funnel metrics that really matter”. This means that you have to pay attention to the SEO reseller agency you decide to work with because you need a provider that masters content and that will cater to the expectations of your target audience.

Having more content on your website is not a solution as long as it is not relevant. In fewer words, partnering up with a reliable agency can make a great difference as far as the growth and success of your business are concerned. It takes time, patience and research to find such an agency that will help you expand, but it is worth it for you will be able to outsource various services you are not great at. It is wise to resort to specialists in this field that have the expertise and the resources to cater to your specific requirements and to help you with your projects, regardless of their complexity.

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