Latest Study Indicates Low Concentration of Volatile Organic Compounds in Electr

Posted by vapouriz on August 1st, 2012

Latest studies indicate low concentration of volatile organic compounds emitted from electronic cigarettes. The study that compares regular tobacco cigarettes to best electronic cigarette were the base of this finding. Due to the reduced levels of volatile organic compounds in e-cigarettes, smokers are less exposed to dangerous chemicals.

Study published by Dr. Michael Siegel

The study was conducted by a group of German researchers. The test subjects were made to smoke either a regular tobacco cigarette or an electronic cigarette, inside of an emission test chamber. The test chamber essentially, with the help of mass spectrometry or gas chromatography, measured the number and the level of volatile organic compounds. Dr. Michael Siegel, professor of the Department of Community Health Sciences at Boston University of Public Health displayed the results in his blog titled Tobacco Analysis.

The findings of the study

Based on the findings by professor Siegel of the 20 volatile organic compounds that were detected in regular tobacco cigarettes, only 6 were found in the vapours of electronic cigarettes. The study also found that the concentration of the compounds were also much lower in electronic cigarettes. Acetaldehyde was 2.5% while acetone was 39.1% in ecig which was very less when compared to conventional tobacco cigarettes. The vapour emitted from electronic cigarettes was also studied and it was found that it had low traces of both flavourings and nicotine. The emissions also had average levels of glycerine and high propylene glycol levels, which consists of the primary ingredient in the liquid in electronic cigarettes.

Smoker's exposure to a host of chemicals that are traced in conventional tobacco cigarettes are confirmed to be reduced by smoking electronic cigarettes, Dr. Siegel said in his blog. There are a few chemicals that are present in both emissions, he said. Of these, the levels and the number of chemicals are significantly lower in electronic cigarettes, he added. Another chemical that was found in both the regular tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes was formaldehyde.

In the study, it was found that the level was still close to ten times less than what was found in tobacco cigarettes. It is believed that the formaldehyde is caused due to heating of propylene glycol. He also said that electronic cigarettes that use glycerine may soon become the standard ones. Glycerine does not produce volatile organic compounds, ensuring that respiratory problems associated with smoking cigarettes are reduced.

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