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Posted by Jane Edison on March 4th, 2020

Website owners whose websites have been affected by this update should start by assessing the content available on their website. Does your content match the needs of your visitors? Do you have relevant, up to date content? Is the content authoritative? Does it attract any links to your website? These are important questions that will help you see why your website was impacted by the google broad update.

What is the Role of Content in the Google Broad Update?

It is common knowledge that the quality of the content you display on your website matters. The problem most website owners are facing is that they have no idea how to define or create such content. How do you expect to improve rankings if search engine optimization techniques overwhelm you? If you are not good at something, do not do it. This is also the case with content. If you do not have a specialized team to handle this aspect it is best to outsource seo and enjoy all the advantages it brings.

In order to understand the Google Broad Update, it makes sense to see which sites performed well and did not lose any rankings. Content that is created to match the intent of the users will not be penalized by Google. If you lost rankings, it is clear that you are not doing something well. It is recommended to take a broad approach, to perform an audit of your website and see how it functions overall. Numerous website owners find it better to outsource seo in order to stay on top of the optimization process. All the changes made by Google are designed to improve results of search queries and to provide users with relevant results to their search.

When your website suffered drop rankings the smartest thing to be done is to study top performers. What makes their website better than yours? Why is their website more relevant? Keeping up with all the changes made by Google is a challenging task and you will have a lot to gain if you decide to outsource this process to specialists. A reliable agency will see why Google’s updates affect your website, why it drops in rankings and they will come up with adequate solutions that are tailored to address the problems with your website.

Reasons to Outsource Seo

There are still many businesses out there that prefer to manage search engine optimization in-house and this is mainly because they want to be in complete control of this process. What they do not know is that if they decide to outsource seo they will benefit from a wide range of advantages:
• You do not have to hire more employees and pay them monthly
• You only pay for the services you need
• You have access to a team of specialists and their resources

The agency you decide to work with will identify the best strategies for your website and it will help you improve your rankings. Nonetheless, should you decide to outsource you should know from the start that it is best to opt for ongoing services. This means that you should have your website optimized on a monthly basis provided you want to measure results and to maintain your ranking. One-time seo projects deliver short term results and they are less efficient. Websites that are impacted in a negative manner by broad updates are definitely in need of professional optimization services. Despite the fact that according to Moz “They're quick to say that a core update isn't a penalty and that "there’s nothing wrong with pages that may perform less well”, Google claims there is nothing to fix, there is always something you can do to improve your ranking.

You Can Recover after Being Hit by a Google Update

Google ranking shifts will always occur and although according to Google websites that have been negatively affected by these changes have nothing to fix, this does not mean you have to wait and see what happens. You should do your best to ensure there is nothing wrong with your website and to perform a thorough audit to see what issues are responsible for the negative impact. Core updates are responsible for the decline of rankins and these negative resullts can be seen within a matter of hours or days. Aspects such as poor content quality, bad user experience, trust issues, problems with page speed are penalized by Google.

According to Searchengineland a drop in rankings can be due to „content quality problems, thin or low quality content, user experience issues, aggressive, disruptive, or deceptive advertising, technical SEO problems, problems with E-A-T, and more.” Website owners who find it difficult to navigate through the complex realm of search engine optimization have no other option but to outsource seo. Why should you waste your time with things that you do not know much about when you can hire professionals to help? Dealing with problems such as content quality, user experience, E-A-T is a long-term process, one that requires great skills, resources and patience. Also, it is useful to know that all the changes you make to your website will not be processed immediately and it might take months for you to see results.

Perfomance declines that are caused by algorithm updates can be addressed by specialists in this field. Provided you outsource seo to a specialized agency your website will recover but it will take time for the results to appear and you have to be patient. Google takes into consideration numerous components when assesing the quality and performance of a website and if your website was hit by a broad core update you have to focus on page speed and performance, user-experience, E-A-T and others. The good news is that you can bounce back after a broad core update provided you hire a reliable seo agency to help you with this.

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