Want to Quit Smoking? Use E-Cigarettes

Posted by vapouriz on August 1st, 2012

When ever you decide to kick the butt or curb smoking, electronic cigarettes are the best alternatives. E-cigs have been making the headlines for all the right reasons as hundreds of chain smokers have chosen this alternative.

People who quit smoking undergo withdrawal symptoms while some may just find it hard to quit this addictive habit. But electronic cigarettes are the solution to get you through the transition from smoking to not smoking.

Electronic cigarette: what it is?

The best description given so far for an e-cig is that it is an electronic counter-part of a cigarette. The gadget looks just like a regular tobacco cigarette but contains a cartridge and a heater instead of tobacco. The cartridge contains nicotine and water, which gets heated each time the smoker, takes a drag. The heater in the device turns the nicotine and water into vapour and the user vape this gas.

The vapour that escapes is quite harmless and satisfied the tobacco craving inside the smoker without causing harm to the body. The nicotine is more of a substitute for the tobacco in regular cigarettes.

What are the benefits of an electronic cigarette?

Firstly these cigarettes are a cheaper alternative of smoking. You end up spending just quarter of the amount of money you would have originally spent in buying tobacco cigarettes. Compared to the recurring cost of regular cigarettes, e-cigs are definitely the better choice.

Also, these cigarettes are reusable. You cannot smoke up this cigarette but just end up exhausting the e-liquid. Each time a drag is taken from the e cigs, a light glows at the other end, which looks more like the flame of a normal cigarette. The smoke you inhale is flavoured vapour, which needs to be refilled once empty.

E-cigs can be smoked anywhere, be it indoors or out. So you don’t have to fret about taking constant smoke breaks anymore. You can vape these cigarettes in-doors as well as in countries that have legalised them. Think of all the time that you save by doing so.

Disposable electronic cigarette is environment friendly and this is an added benefit. You will no longer be accused of polluting the environment and ruining the health of people around you. This is one way you don’t have to make others pay for your addictive habit. E-cigs contain negligible amount of carcinogens and help prevent further damage to your body.

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