3 Ways to Make Profits from Owning a Food Delivery App

Posted by christopher on March 4th, 2020

The food industry has witnessed a drastic change in the past years, and it never seizes to upgrade with every passing year. Earlier people who could not avail of home foods visited restaurants to put their hunger pangs to rest. Later, people started visiting restaurants to spend time with their friends and family, with food being an excuse. Over time, all these scenarios have changed, and people are now got used to ordering food online because of the convenience the food delivery service offers.

If you are an avid entrepreneur looking to start an on-demand business, the UberEats clone food delivery sector is a lucrative option to consider. The market is thriving with an annual growth rate of 7.5%, says a report from credible source Statista.

Revenue stream: It is essential to plan ways to monetize the food delivery app while you are devising plans to develop it. Below we have listed a few methods to generate revenue from your food delivery app business.

Commission fee from restaurants: Your UberEats clone food delivery app would have helped several food establishments to earn increased profits as the users started placing more orders through your app. Thus, you can earn commissions from food establishments that are listed in your app.

Delivery fee from customers: You can charge your app users a certain amount as a delivery fee for every food order delivered to their doorsteps. You can pay a part of it to the delivery personnel and take the rest as your charges, adding to your profits.

Sponsored content charges: Help restaurants that are new to the niche to gain more users by increasing their visibility. It can be achieved by placing them in the app where they can be noticed. You can charge them for offering such sponsored services.

Wrapping up: Now, you would have got a clear picture on how to monetize your app. Now, it’s time to get it developed. Several companies offer UberEats clone solutions that can be customized as per your business and revenue model. Such clone apps will help you launch your food delivery app business in the shortest time possible, gaining an edge over your competitors.


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