Inaccurate Customer Database Decreases Business Growth

Posted by Rupali on March 4th, 2020

Inaccurate, mismanaged and irrelevant customer database refers to an inaccurate list of B2B Company in India that decreases the overall business growth. At present in the market, it is easy to find a reputed database company or a data provider selling accurate and relevant customer database; but the point to be noted is, while buying the database of B2B Company in India, businesses should be careful as it can either boost or decrease the overall business growth. There is no doubt that a powerful CRM is required for a boost in business; but, it will be only producing great results if the customer database integrated by businesses is accurate, clean and relevant. Another point to keep in mind is an organization can manage without a powerful CRM; but, without an accurate and clean customer database, it becomes very tough to attain the targeted goals and desired outcomes.

Here we are with a few reasons that help businesses to refrain themselves from using inaccurate customer database:

Poor Follow-ups: An inaccurate and irrelevant customer database bought from any database company only invites poor follow-ups. It harms the productivity of the sales and marketing employees and they fail to connect with prospects. Just because of this inaccurate and mismanaged contact information of B2B company in India that includes the comprehensive information of clients’ profiles like their job role and buying preferences, sales and marketing representatives, pitching of products and services goes in the wrong direction. It not only damages the initial interaction with the lead but also the company reputation comes at stake. Moreover during the follow up with the prospect if any mistake is done by sales and marketing employees then that mistake or misinformation of the client gets fed into the system that later results in poor and improper follow up.

Dissatisfaction among employees: An inaccurate, mismanaged and irrelevant customer database bought from any database company also capable of inviting dissatisfaction among employees. Inaccurate customer information collected manually over the call many times results in false or inaccurate report generation that brings the feeling of chaos, de-motivation, and dissatisfaction among sales and marketing professionals.

Besides the feeling de-motivation and chaos that prevails around the sales and marketing team, the sales forecasting procedure also goes wrong due to false report generation. The stakeholders of the B2B company in India face a hard time in strategizing their future sales and marketing plans just because of the incorrect report generation.

Decreased Productivity: An inaccurate, mismanaged and irrelevant customer database bought from any database company also has the potential to invite a huge dip in sales and marketing productivity. It also causes poor lead generation that acts as an obstacle when sales and marketing reps pitch the products and services to the prospects. Incorrect, mismanaged and irrelevant customer information leads to great difficulty in contacting the prospects, prospecting them, and fixing demos with them. This also leads to a lot of time and money wastage become the sales and marketing team are wasting their time sending sales and marketing emails to them who are simply not interested in buying or the most of email addresses are wrong. This increases the bounce rate of the email campaign and which results in wastage of time and money both for the business.

Hopefully, now we know why businesses should refrain themselves from using an inaccurate list of B2B Company in India that decreases the overall business growth. So, if you are a business owner and looking forward to enhancing your business growth then opt for an accurate customer database purchased from a reputed database company.

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