How to clean the mane comb?

Posted by hw on March 4th, 2020

If there is a little hair on the comb, it is most economical and convenient to remove it directly with your fingers. Grab a hair from the bottom of the balloon or brushing plate and gently pull it out. Be sure to slow down when pulling. Because hair is easy to cut, it is difficult to remove even if it is cut. from wooden comb factory Suggest .

When hair is accumulated on the comb, it is better to rake with a small comb. Small comb rake is the best comb sweeping tool. Although similar to a comb, it has softness and comes in a variety of sizes, divided into one and two sides. If you are using a vertical, or you are using different styles of different sizes, double halo can help you meet more comprehensive needs.

Nylon brushes can also be used. Put the mirror in the sink and trash can, or take it out. Use a nylon brush to wipe the mirror upright. In this way, the remaining hair can be removed, as well as the dirt and dandruff on the skin. Use a nylon brush until the mirror is clean.

Rinse the nylon brush to remove dirt and dry thoroughly for next use. Close the knotted hair. The fine-eyed comb has two heads, one tooth and the other is called a "spike tail" for distribution. Remove the erected hair from the bottom of the comb, stagger the ends of the hair under the ends, and gently pull out.

Repeat on the comb airbag or comb plate. After pulling up the hair, you can roll it up with your fingers and throw it away. Cut 5 knots of hair with scissors. When washing, hair often knots. At this time, you must have scissors on your hand. Be careful not to cut too much. the fine hairs tend to stick together and not fall off.

The second part removes dirt and oils 1 As a pure natural detergent, tea tree oil is used. Tea tree oil is a natural and highly effective cleaner that can be purchased in pharmacies and health food stores. Pour a cup of warm water into a medium bowl and stir with a few drops of tea tree oil.

Sensitive muscles can use shampoo and soda as detergents. For people with sensitive skin and prone to allergies, using your own shampoo and soda as a detergent is a safe and gentle choice. Put a cup of warm water in a medium bowl, add a teaspoon of shampoo and a teaspoon, and stir well. [7] 3 Wet the cleaner with a clean toothbrush. Find a clean toothbrush, put on a cleanser, and wet the front of the toothbrush. Toothbrush fine teeth must be soaked in detergent.

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