Three Questions to Ask Before You Paint Your Home

Posted by dkblogin on March 4th, 2020


Painting your home will improve its resale value and curb appeal. It will make you feel better every time you reach the driveway. A good paint job will protect your home from the weather. With all of these benefits in mind should you do your own house painting in Canton, GA, or should you hire a professional? That all depends on how much you value your time, what you think about guarantees, and how you feel about having a beautiful home.

What's Your Time Worth?

If you're planning on painting your own home, you'll want to take the time to do it right. There are no short cuts worth taking because your home is likely your largest investment. You'll need to spend time prepping the home, including power washing, scraping paint flakes, and repairing any damaged areas that you'll be applying paint to. Then, you need to actually paint the home. Depending on the color and paint, you may need to apply two or three layers over the wall's surface. This could take several days unless you're experienced at painting homes. Is that time you could better spend on something else? A good paint company can get most jobs done within four days.

What's a Guarantee Worth?

When you paint your own home, there's no one you can turn to if something happens and the paint starts peeling in the next year or two. You'll just have to repaint the home at your own expense. Hiring someone means you can go back to the company with your complaint, and they can make it right. An additional bonus is that if something was wrong with the paint, the company can make a claim against the manufacturer. That may not be the case if you paint the house yourself.

What's a Beautiful Home Worth?

House painting in Canton GA, is about more than just how long the job takes and who is doing it. It's about the satisfaction of coming home every night to a place that looks beautiful and has a higher resale value. By getting your home painted, you can be ready to sell it if need be, or you can rest assured that your home is protected from the elements while being the envy of the neighbors on your block. Professionals can ensure that your home's color is applied correctly and smoothly for the best effect and curb appeal.