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What Is PPP In Government Relations With NGOs And Companies?

Posted by vivanensign on March 4th, 2020

PPP (Public-Private Partnership) is a cooperative relationship between the government and the public in the implementation of development through investment by involving the government, the private sector, the community, and NGOs. Both the government and the private party have their own roles in implementation development. The role and function of government as an official institution is demanded to be more transparent, accountable, responsive, effective and efficient in creating good governance. Of course, in this case, it cannot be separated from the function of government oversight of the private sector involved in the implementation of development. Meanwhile, if your company needs a trustworthy connection with the government, we recommend you to hire the best government relations expert, Jarrod Loadholt.

Furthermore, there are three things that encourage the government to collaborate with the government and the private sector (PPP) due to problems of limited funds, efficiency and effectiveness of government, and government accountability to the public. As a newly developing region, of course, local governments cannot rely on existing resources (financial and human resources). Here the local government needs to attract the private sector to invest not only in the form of funds but also to increase the skills of its human resources to build and maintain the infrastructure that is not yet available in order to improve the welfare of the community.

However, the implementation of development involving PPP can have positive and negative impacts. The positive impact of PPPs is the sharing of risk between the government and the private sector, cost savings, improved service levels, and multiplier effects (broader economic benefits such as job creation, reduced crime rates, increased income). While the negative impact of PPP if it does not reach the target, there is actually an increase in costs, the existence of an unstable national political situation also influences the PPP process, for example, the delay in the implementation of project activities, inadequate service, bias in the project selection process, for example, the determination of tender winners, loss of control government in the process of implementing activities, and so on.

Therefore, to avoid the negative impacts that will arise, the PPP process must follow a clear legal umbrella both regarding the distribution of incentives and responsibilities of each party. Thus there must be a clear contractual agreement regarding the roles and responsibilities of each party where there are provisions for risk-sharing and financial reciprocity obtained by the parties involved.

The involvement of the private sector which is able to provide finance and experts at least helps the government's function as the motor of implementing development. In addition, PPP also creates a clean government system because in this case, the government can also carry out the control function of the private sector involved. But keep in mind, the relationship between the government and the private sector must have a mutually beneficial relationship and must be bound in a contract for a certain period of time.

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