Method for fermenting organic fertilizer by peanut shell

Posted by Organic Fertilizer Machinery on March 5th, 2020

Peanut shell is a rare plant waste and flower fertilizer. As a kind of soil loose agent, it is often used in soil cultivation. If the peanut shell is not rotten, it is not conducive to the growth of plants. If the peanut shell is used in plants, it will have some side effects on the root growth of plants, and may also affect the absorption of nutrients and burn the root system of plants.
Therefore, the peanut shell can only be used after it has been fully decomposed. The batch processing of peanut shell can be realized through the organic fertilizer production equipment.

Fermentation composting of peanut shell

1. It is better to crush the peanut shell first, which can reduce the air content between the objects. Add water in the peanut shell, the water content is generally about 50%, which is conducive to the propagation and heat transfer of microorganisms, so as to accelerate the composting speed;

2. Add equal amount of livestock manure to peanut shell, and add dead leaves, crop straws, kitchen waste and other wastes at the same time. Dilute the bacterial fertilizer fermentation agent with water and spray evenly on the fertilizer. Use the equipment such as the stacker or the trough stacker to mix the materials and increase the oxygen content in the compost.

3. The best place for fermentation is the ventilation area, which is turned over every 3-5 days during fermentation.

Deep processing of peanut shell organic fertilizer

The decayed peanut shell is rich in nitrogen elements, and it has strong water and air permeability. It is very suitable for mixing other soil, making pot soil for flowers and trees that are afraid of waterlogging and rotten roots, and promoting the healthy growth of plants. But fertilizer types may vary depending on the needs of the crop. Further processing with fertilizer granulator machine is required. If the ordinary compost is further processed, it can be made into organic-inorganic compound fertilizer or bio organic fertilizer. The former is a mixture of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer products, which has the effect of common organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer, and can improve the quality on the premise of ensuring crop yield. Bio-organic fertilizer is a fertilizer containing microbial functional bacteria, which can better improve the soil environment and promote the absorption of nutrients by crops. According to the different raw materials, the organic fertilizer granulator can process different finished fertilizer granules.

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