Reasons Why People Contribute to Kickstarter Ouya Campaign

Posted by jackbandy on August 5th, 2012

Finance for kickstarter Ouya is definitely going to flow from all possible directions. It is not going to take more than few hours for about 27,000 fans all over the world to produce $3.0 million.  In less than eight hours, Ouya was successful in raising more than million dollars for Kickstarter defeating both the Pebble and Double Fine Adventure. Although, this is an amazing success story, a few questions still disturb the readers who are following the stories. What’s the secret behind Ouya android success? Why do people believe that it’s better than PSP? You can find answers to all these questions here so you can make a well informed choice if you are looking for one.
The Ouya News state that this console is cheaper. Did you know that anyone donating $99 or even a dollar more than that to the kickstarter Ouya campaign will get a console with a minimum of a single controller? This is a deal that is better than any other deals offered by contemporary console brands. The device is designed in such a manner that it takes complete advantage of the Android platform. This enables people to create and play the games they desire for lesser money. Now, there is no surprise that people are leaning more towards Ouya than any other console. 
There is no denying that gadget lovers like anything that could be hacked, customized and improvised with minimum trouble. The designers behind kickstarter Ouya have made sure that this console functions as an open device. The best feature is that anyone with minimum technical knowledge could work with this kind of platform and customize their games. This is not possible with ease in other consoles like Xbox. This is why several customers are frustrated with other consoles and turning their attention towards this Ouya android. 
The Ouya Android Console looks fabulous. The proto type for kickstarter Ouya was designed with the assistance of Yves Behar who designed and helped in creating Jambox.  This console has adopted the same success strategy used by Apple and has made its product quite slick. Keeping in pace with the modern, changing trends, this console has been designed to serve the aesthetic sense of its new users. So, there is no need to worry about whether it looks cool enough for today’s youth. If you have checked out the images and feel that it is quite intimidating, rest your worries. For, the console is designed in a user friendly manner and could be easily operated. 

The Ouya android console addresses and overcomes all android problems. Usually, android games have problem in booting. This has been one of the most frustrating aspects of such mobile games. But kickstarter Ouya has pledged to make a change in that. Hence, it would be quite interesting to see the kind of games introduced by this console coming March. By publishing users’ own App to this console, there is a possibility of coming up with more new games. This console has everything that any gaming enthusiast would love to have at all times.

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