3 Reasons Why CRM Cloud Solutions Are Crucial for Business Growth

Posted by Knack Systems on March 5th, 2020

Whether you are running a small business or a larger, successful one that needs to continue thriving, you need a platform that can simplify Customer Relationship Management (CRM), while helping you cut costs in the long run. Investing in high-quality CRM cloud solutions is a good choice, so you can determine and ensure customer satisfaction no matter where you are or which channels you are using to sell. The technology provides a holistic view of your customers, so you can predict potential issues and have solutions for them before they happen. It will help you act quickly on existing issues too, so you can avoid disappointing your customers and keep them coming back.

If you are still wondering how CRM cloud solutions can help your business grow, here are some insights to help you make an informed decision to move your CRM and customer service to the cloud:

1. Sell to the right customers – You have spent a lot of time and effort to generate and attract new leads, but do they actually become your customers? Without an efficient CRM system, most of your marketing leads will not convert to sales. CRM cloud solutions can encompass your marketing tools, including marketing automation, email, and social channels, so you have a single view of prospects and leads, and identify the best target customers to engage in communication.

2. Improve customer relationships – Deeper customer relationships are essential for sustained success in business. With CRM cloud solutions, you can engage customers with relevancy, identify their challenges (i.e. preferences and goals), and provide a more personalized way to connect with them (i.e. follow up, enable phone calls, email them, and so on).

3. Improve sales efficiency – When selling to new prospects, the probability of sales is low. You can have better luck with existing customers. New customers may be essential for continued growth, but they can be difficult to engage. However, CRM cloud solutions allow you to offset acquisition costs for new customers through sales to existing customers. The platform offers more visibility into the renewal, cross-selling, and upsell opportunities in the customer portfolio, so you can boost repeatable sales with loyal customers who trust your business.

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