What Is Power Dialer Software and What Is It Good For?

Posted by Jane Edisonn on March 5th, 2020

In the world of sales almost nothing is as important as customer engagement. The way a business choses to approach reaching out to its customers can make or break that business. From the early days of door-to-door sales, people have been looking for new and better ways to get to as many potential customers as possible, because putting it in simple math, the more potential clients you reach, the more the chances of making a sale. So if you would talk to 100 people a day chances are that 35-40 would buy or be interested in whatever it is you’re selling. But talking to that many people takes time and effort. Now consider if you could talk to 300 people a day and do the math. Now try that for 1000 people. Out of that need for customer engagement came the invention of the power dialer, and of course of power dialer software.

What Is A Power Dialer?

Because having a simple storefront doesn’t necessarily mean you get the business you want and because traveling and actually going from door to door takes time and money, people looking to get more customers for their products and services started looking for an alternative to the physical presence of a salesman. A  power dialer  is a CRM solution for businesses looking to increase their customer reach. Today’s power dialer is the more evolved version of classic auto-dialers. Auto-dialers would dial phone numbers from a list and then, depending if the person called would answer or not, either move in to the next number or connect the potential client, or lead, to a sales representative.

The system proved to be so effective that it didn’t take long for it to be used for other purposes, such as various surveys or polls, promotional and campaign calling, and other activities that didn’t require an actual person to dial and talk to the person on the other line. This technique is called “robo-calling” because it uses a pre-recorded message that is played to the person that answers, without any real human interaction.

The main benefit of such automated calling software is that there is no need for a real human to go through a list of phone numbers and dial each figure individually. This means that there are less errors being made because of dialing the wrong number, and there is less time being wasted waiting for each number to answer or not. Not to mention the fact that it takes time for an actual person to hang up after each call and that real humans need breaks from time to time.

What Is Power Dialer Software Used For?

Power dialer software , as the name says, is the 21st century version of the call center operator. It essentially can substitute people working in call centers. This, of course, depends on the policy of each company. Some customers still prefer a human to talk to, and would rather wait to talk to an actual operator than to listen to a robot voice giving instructions.

But the benefits of power dialer software are very real. Firstly, the software can be installed on almost any device and it only needs an Internet connection and VoIP. After installing the software, all the operator has to do is load the phone numbers he wants to call into its database and just wait for the calls to connect. Also, the software can be customized to keep the lead engaged until an actual operator is available.

This kind of software has helped companies over the years safe huge amounts of money in human work hours, and has drastically increased the productivity of certain sectors. Besides the fact that human error is reduced, this software doesn’t have to wait as much as a human operator in order to make the next call. It can identify a non-answering connection faster than any human, and can move to the next number almost instantaneously.

Either love it or hate it, this type of software has made its mark on the sales industry and is here to stay. That doesn’t necessarily mean that human presence will be totally obsolete, but it does mean that human operators will no longer have to perform every single task within an outbound call-center or a campaign HQ. Auto dialers, and auto-dialing software are here to stay and will only get better with time, being a cheaper and more easy to customize solution for the needs of almost any business.

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