How Can Hubspot Auto Dialer Help You Grow Your Business?

Posted by Jane Edisonn on March 5th, 2020

In order to understand how Hubspot auto dialer can help you grow your business, you must firstly understand what Hubspot is and what separates it from Hubspot top competitors. Hubspot is above all else a platform, created on the principal of inbound marketing, which offers free CRM services to small businesses in order to help them grow and develop. The platform offers all sorts of integrated features such as different hubs for sales and marketing, and even the possibility to customize Hubspot almost any way you want.

What Is Hubspot Auto Dialer?

The  Hubspot auto dialer  is part of the Hubspot CRM package, and works in sync with the other Hubspot Sales software available. It is a service that lets you organize your daily call queue using the data from the CRM package. The fact that you can organize your entire day in one simple gesture makes this piece of software the stuff of corporate dreams.

The auto dialer helps agents and call-center employees place calls straight from their browsers, without even picking up a phone. This is done through Voice over IP or their desk phone. Their numbers will be used in both situations, and also there is the option of recording each call in order to have a better conversations’ record. This means less time spent on dialing and more time spent on client engagement.

Logging in calls can be a hassle. Another great feature of the Hubspot auto dialer is that it automatically logs in each call into the Hubspot CRM database, so you can have more time to do what really matters. Optimizing operations this way means that agents and call-center employees can have more time to do what they want, thus helping the business to grow and develop.

What Do Hubspot Top Competitors Don’t Have?

To better understand what makes Hubspot be Hubspot, you must first understand why and how it was created. Back in 2005 Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, both MIT graduates, founded Hubspot, in Cambridge Massachusetts, in order to bring a new understanding to the world of sales. They’ve developed the notion of inbound, based on the idea that clients want to be helped and not harassed by salespeople. This movement led to a book, a multinational presence and to over 70,000 clients worldwide.

One of the first things  Hubspot top competitors  don’t have is a community structured around the idea of making businesses grow without being ruthless to one another. This community helps itself grow and expand by bringing new members into it and developing services that are mutually beneficial. The community itself spans over 20 countries and keeps on growing with every new Hubspot account created.

Another interesting aspect about Hubspot is their free CRM solution for small businesses launched in 2014. The idea behind this free CRM option is that people can help other people grow. The free package comes with some very interesting features such as sales overview, reporting dashboard and deal tracking. But the features don’t stop here, and they don’t stop at management level. The CRM package has something for every employee such as meeting scheduling, live chat and even prospect tracking.

In 2014 the company went public on the New York Stock Exchange. In 2018 Hubspot generated total revenue of 3 million. They have also developed a series of seminars aimed at training and preparing the new wave of salespersons, which brought together over 20,000 people in 2019 alone. Although they don’t lack controversy, they are in the front seat of progress in the sales world.

Hubspot is the perfect example of evolution in a world where only the bottom line is important. Their products and services have helped thousands better understand what sales can be like, and made the entire corporate world take a long, hard look at itself and re-evaluate its core values.

But what if your business is looking for something other than fancy bells and whistles? Having all those features can be fun, but at a closer look, they might not really get the job done. Take CRMDialer for instance. It does everything its competitors do, but better. Firstly, being a dialer, it does just that. The power dialing capabilities of this platform are among the best in the business, beating out bigger companies, such as HubSpot. Voicemail drops and local presence capabilities are other major features that the CRMDialer is known for, and that puts it ahead of the competition.

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