Easy Macros for WoW That Work for Every Class

Posted by j280668993 on August 8th, 2012

Not many players are aware how important macros for Wow are. But know this - if you got your butt kicked by the same player all the time, or that the same player does an Guild Wars 2 CD Key outrageously high DPS in a raid, it's because they use a few smashing Wow macros.

To outline better the importance of macros for Wow, here are a few reasons to use them:

Why is important to use Wow macros?

1. To perform a complete, constant damage, threat or healing rotations in a raid or heroic, or even in PvP.

2. To use the minimum of crowd control that your class has for a maximum effect.

3. To achieve great damage or healing bursts, which is vital for arena gameplay.

4. To manage properly your main quick bar slots.

5. To be able to put into your quick bars all the abilities, items and potions that you must use, with a maximum level character.

6. To resume the gameplay of a difficult class to only 3-4 buttons.

7. And lastly, to play your character at maximum.

Now, macros may vary, depending of the content you play. The Wow macros that you use for PvE might not be very effective to PvP, and viceversa.

So, here are a few easy macros for PvP and PvE.

What macros to use in PvP

There are many types of macros for Wow that Guild Wars 2 CD Key elite players have come up with so far. However, the most used macros for PvP, are the "cooldown-burn" and "focus" ones.

The "cooldown-burn" macros for Wow are great if you want to achieve a damage or healing burst, especially in arena. However, it's best to use a macro like this only for offensive and healing abilities. Defensive abilities must be managed differently. It would be a waste to pop them all at once.

The "focus" UI option is very important especially for PvP. By keeping a target focused, you can cast certain spells on it, without swapping targets. It's best to use a "focus" macro to keep up crowd control, or to cast a spell on a friendly target, to boost their damage or defenses.

What macros to use in PvE

The ones mentioned above work fine in PvE as well. But since many classes have tedious rotations, "castsequence" macros were invented.

Combining the abilities you need for your rotation, or at least a part of them, you can simplify your rotation by a lot, perform it much better and also save a few quick bar slots.


Now, I hope you're aware that the macros you buy Guild Wars 2 CD Key use on a certain spec, may not fit to a different spec of the same character. Also, you have to bind any macro for Wow at the right place, to obtain a balanced keybinding. Without this, you will never raise above average at playing your toon.

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