How To Make Pickles

Posted by MichealH Alexander on March 5th, 2020

The pickle world is full of flavour. Pickles can be spicy, sour, sweet, and in addition can be altered according to personal taste and preference. While the food world is constantly evolving with flavors from today being mixed with flavors from yesteryear’s certain pickle recipes remain intact. The reason for this is our deep rooted tradition. Today we present a long live pickled tradition: Mango Achaar.   Chicken Pickle Online


The following measurements are with accordance to 1 cup (240 ml) 

3 tbsp of oil (sesame or peanut)

1 ½ tbsp salt (can adjust according to preference) 

4 cloves of garlic 

3 tbsp red chilli powder 

½ tsp methi seeds 

1 tbsp mustard seeds 

1 ¼ cubed cup mango pieces 


Perpetration for mangoes: 

Choose firm raw mangoes, wash thoroughly 

Sun dry any utensils to be used for the pickle making process (bowls, spoons, chopping board, spoons) (this will allow extended shelf life)

After cleaning the mangoes cut them into large cubes. 

Soak mangoes in salted water for 30 mins

Chop left over pulp into small pieces (it will add volume to the gravy later)

Roast methi seeds till they begin to produce a good smell. Transfer seeds to a plateto allow it to cool completely 

Use the same pan to warm oil. 

Powder the methi and mustard seeds together in a mixer. 

Take a bowl and add the following:

Add mango cubes 

Chilli powder 

Mustard and Methi powder 


Crush garlic cloves 

Add oil from (step 3) 

Mix everything till it results in a dark red mixture 

Cover it and keep for 24 hours (keep in a dry place)

Check after 24 or 48 hours. You will notice that the mango has released moisture, mix that well. 

Store this mixture in a ceramic jar. Make sure to not use plastic jars as it will affect the flavour of your mango pickle.  Made to Order Crispy Papad

And there you have it, a simple mango pickle recipe as a side dish to any and all kinds of food. 

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