Madden 20: thanks to a dedicated team, XFL is available

Posted by Cadencealida on March 6th, 2020

There is no official XFL video game, but thanks to a dedicated team, this problem can be solved. GameMS brings you the latest news of XFL, please remember to Buy MUT 20 Coins at a cheap price, please look for us.

If you want to compete as an XFL team in the latest Madden video game "Madden 20", now there is away. All eight teams-St. Louis Hawks, Washington Guards, New York Guards, Tampa Bay Vipers, Houston Ronalds, Dallas Renegade, Los Angeles Wildcats and Seattle Dragons-are included behind the New model.

If you are unfamiliar with Mod, basically think of it as an editor for video games. You cannot change everything in the game, but you can make enough changes to provide unique gameplay. All eight teams' uniforms and gymnasiums have been completed, but the Department of Defense team has only released the initial Beta version, of which four teams are fully finished with a full roster. So far, seven of the eight teams have been completed and can be completed by the end of Week 5 of the XFL.

Of course, not everything will be perfect. you can see from the screenshot of Jordan Jordan above, there are a lot of XFL features here-stadium logo, BattleHawks decoration around the stadium. However, if you look up, you will see the Chicago Bears logo. If you play at home with St. Louis, you are playing at the Ford Field, as it is most similar to the BattleHawks' Dome Stadium.

Another unfortunate limitation is that you cannot use the full XFL rules. For example, XFL has unique kick-off rules and no extra points. However, due to the addition of college football to "Big Power 20", the team was able to add some rule changes to the XFL. Currently, the mod is only a beta version, which means it will be fully completed in the future. Part of the future Department of Defense will include the CFL team and the AAF team.

How to use XFL mod in Madden 20

This mod is only available on PC, which means you can't use it on Xbox or PlayStation. Use the "XFL_README.txt" file to follow the instructions on how to download. As shown at the top of the document, you will need something to make it work.

"Madden 20" installed by origin
The latest version of "Madden 20"
Frosty Department of Defense Manager

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