How to Know When You Need a Discrimination Lawyer in NYC

Posted by Meenan & Associates on March 6th, 2020

New York City is one of the most vibrant, dynamic, and diverse cities on the planet—more than a few would say the most. But, as amazing and diverse as our fair city is, it’s not perfect. When you have more than 8.6 million people living in one place, some of them, unfortunately, are going to treat others less than fairly.

However, NYC is also a place that doesn’t take injustice lying down. If you are a New Yorker who’s dealing with unfair treatment, you’re not alone, and you’re not without options. Lookup a discrimination lawyer NYC trusts and right a wrong. Here are a few types of discrimination to be aware of.

Racial, Ethnic, or Religious Discrimination—It Can be Subtle

The good news is that decades of progress have contributed to less overt racism and religious bigotry. Ironically, however, that progress has actually resulted in some new, insidious discrimination issues. For one, discrimination being less overt means it’s more subtle, which can make it harder to identify. This has also led to the conclusion among some that bigotry based on race, ethnicity, and religion aren’t problems, or at least not significant problems, anymore. That discrimination can manifest as people of color and members of minority religious groups not being hired, despite superior qualifications; being passed up for promotions; getting paid less than a coworker in the same or a similar role in the company, and so on. If any of that sounds familiar, consider contacting a discrimination lawyer.

Disability Discrimination

Disability discrimination can be every bit as insidious as discrimination based on race or religion. A common form of disability discrimination is a job applicant being told they simply don’t have the capacity to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position due to their disability. A telling example is a 2015 case litigated by the disability advocacy firm of Meenan & Associates, led by New York discrimination lawyer Colleen Meenan. They challenged a NYPD policy against hiring candidates with hearing loss and won in federal court. Anyone who’s being told they can’t perform a position’s duties due to a disability should consider contacting a discrimination lawyer.

Discrimination Based on Sex and Gender

Discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, and gender identification can be somewhat similar to racial and religious bigotry. It can certainly be similar in that the strides made in fighting gender discrimination and fighting for equality for the LGBTQ community have made the manifestation of discrimination more subtle. However, even in NYC, this type of discrimination is often hidden in plain sight. For instance, it is still disturbingly common for women to make less than men in the same positions in a company, to be bypassed for hiring consideration, to be passed up for promotions, and the like. The same is true for members of the LGBTQ community. If you’ve experienced that sort of discrimination, fight back with a qualified, experienced discrimination lawyer you can trust to take actions in your best interests.

About Meenan & Associates

For over 28 years, the law firm of Meenan & Associates has been looking out for the best interests of all New Yorkers with their exceptionally personalized and cost-effective legal aid and services. The discrimination law specialists at Meenan & Associates are led by founder Colleen Meenan. Before turning to law, Colleen served as a decorated officer in the NYPD. That same commitment to public service, loyalty, empathy, instinctive problem solving, and the innate street smarts that served her so well as a police officer have guided the core values of Meenan & Associates. Her impressive record as a New York discrimination lawyer, and the performance of her fellow partners, counselors, and associates, are evidence of the power of those values. In addition to discrimination law, Meenan & Associates also excel at employment law, business law, elder law, civil litigation, family and divorce law, real estate transactions, and trusts and estates.

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