5 Best Exercises to Improve Eyesight

Posted by Dr Hitendra Mehta on March 6th, 2020

For ages, people have suggested that eye exercises are a natural way to cure many vision issues, sometimes even eyesight. But there is very little scientific credibility to this. Even then, some eye exercises can help with dryness and eyestrain and make your eyes feel more comfortable and relaxed.

If you have common eye problems and conditions such as astigmatism, hyperopia or far-sightedness, and myopia or near-sightedness, then maybe you wouldn’t have advantages from eye exercises. But some people see some benefits from eye exercises that have the most common diseases such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and cataracts.

If the muscles of the eyes are held at one point for a long time, just like other body muscles it could lead to soreness. Your eye muscles require a break and rest too. By doing so you are doing yourself a favour and would be grateful for the coming years. There are many exercises that help you to reduce eye power and have a clearer vision.

You will see a great increase in productivity, reduce the risks and chances of getting glaucoma and even eliminate errors and headaches just by doing a couple of eye exercises on a regular basis. These exercises for eyes do not require much of your time so a busy day would not be an excuse. All of the below exercises are share by an eye specialist in Mumbai Some of the eye exercises to improve vision are as follows:


You need to strongly rub the palm of your hands until they are a little warm and then put them lightly over the eyelids. The warmth of your hands would transfer onto your eyes. The muscles of your eyes would feel relaxed as the eyes would look for comfort in the darkness. Continue putting pressure on it till the heat from the palms has completely been absorbed by your eyes.

You need to repeat this at least three to four times. This exercise is easy and does not require you to take out much of your time.


Sit comfortably on a chair and open your eyes. Blink your eyes very quickly at least 10-15 times. Then close your eyes and feel your facial muscles relax for 20 seconds. This process and exercise can be repeated four to five times. This exercise also helps you to get rid of dry eyes.


Another great exercise for your eyes is called zooming. As the name suggests, you make any object around you zoom from your eyes to receive the focus of your vision by shifting it closer to your eyes.

Relax and sit on a chair, stretch your arms and either put your thumb up or use a pencil. The next step is to bend your arm slowly and gradually and get it closer to your eyes. This will bring the object or your finger in to focus. This improves the vision and helps your eyes to focus better.


The shifting of eyes is about rotating or moving your eyeballs from one point to another. Your first look to your leftward corner and then slowly shift your eyes to the opposite side. Repeat this exercise 4-5 times. The small muscles of the eyes get more healthy and active with the burst of the blood pumped by the shifting of the eyes.


You sit with your legs straight in front of you with the right hand on the right knee. You than with a straight elbow and the thumb pointed upwards hold your left fist above the left knee.

You need to keep your head straight and still and focus your eyes on the thumb. With the help of your thumb, draw the figure eight. The elbow must be kept straight throughout. This exercise could be repeated both anti-clockwise and clockwise at least five times. Then you repeat this exercise using the right thumb.

Doing eye exercises regularly might not improve the vision. But it can definitely lead to the relaxation and comfort of your eyes. Your eyes can easily experience irritation and discomfort at work.

People who work all day on computers can get digital eye strain which is a known condition among many working people. This condition increases eyesight, leads to blurred vision, and dryness of eyes, headaches, and eye strain. A few simple exercises can help you with these conditions and various other eye problems.

There is no guarantee that doing eye exercises regularly would improve the vision of people. It is a possibility that it might not help you at all, but it wouldn’t hurt you to give it a try. It is also extremely vital to get regular eye-checkups by an experienced eye doctor. They can detect early symptoms for problems and treat them in time.

Infiniti Eye provides the best eye care and is the best eye hospital in MumbaiThey are specialists who will help you understand how to improve eyesight.

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