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Posted by Interlegal on March 6th, 2020

The international tax law is undoubtedly a bit tough to understand however it needs to be followed very strictly if you don’t want your business to get into any of the compliances. When your business or company is operating in multiple jurisdictions, the company must comply with all the laws of every single jurisdiction and should also follow all the taxation laws. Similarly, if your business has got some of its branches in foreign countries, then you would need the appropriate taxes in those countries. 

The taxation rules and regulations will certainly be a headache for companies and issues will lead to greater problems. To help you out in these situations, you need to get in touch with professional and experienced lawyers who can take care of all your taxation formalities. 

After globalization, companies and businesses started to expand in more than one country. And with time the complexity of taxation rules has also been increasing. When you deal with any kind of commercial activity in any foreign nation, then you need to pay tax for the amount of profit earned from those countries. If at all you don’t pay the tax as per the rules of those nations, then you are liable to get fined by civil and at times criminal penalties for ignoring your tax payment obligation. You need to assess your international tax responsibilities and the payments within the timeframe. In order to protect your company from getting into any compliances, you need to consult a legal services network and some international accounts as well to have a better understanding of the regulations. The international legal network is a well-established community of qualified professional lawyers in all major countries dealing with corporate taxations. 

What are the responsibilities of an International Tax Lawyer?

An international tax lawyer can be of great help for you by thinking through your business’s activities and assessing your liability for taxes outside your home country. Check out some of the instances here where having a professional international lawyer can be of great help for you as well as your company:

  • It would certainly be intimidating for you to pay a huge amount of tax every single year in all the countries your business is operating. With proper tax planning, you can surely save a huge amount of your profit from just going to tax payment. An international tax lawyer will propose your certain tax planning milestones and give you a chance to recognize some significant tax saving plans. 

  • International Tax Lawyers help their client to save a large sum of money that goes into tax payment by implementing transfer pricing policies. This policy surely reduces the liability of tax payment. Transfer pricing can be referred to as the special price that can be used at the time of allocating the business’s profit to different taxation jurisdiction where it functions through some of its subsidiaries by intracompany transactions. At the present time, this mechanism is almost carried out by all companies operating at different places in the world to reduce the tax payment. 

  • International mergers and acquisitions take place every now and then and this process gives rise to even more complex taxation issues. It is tax considerations that can at times even move ahead to either make or break the deals. This is for the reason that a major part of the ultimate cost of these deals at times traces back to the cost of tax payment. It is at all times advisable to get in touch with a qualified international taxation expert who has profound knowledge and experience in dealing with such matters. 

How do you know if your company is eligible to pay for international taxes?

It is a matter of fact that if your business is operating out of your home country then it is likely to owe some international taxes. If you are not sure about how all these works and what would be the percentage of tax that needs to be paid, then it would be better to get in touch with international tax lawyers who have years of experience in dealing with tax rules and regulations of various countries as well as dealing with varied unique taxation situation. You can let them know what your business and your legal needs to stay away from any compliance and they will work as per your needs and requirements to make the best they can do to help you save a huge amount on tax payments. Getting in touch with certified and renowned legal services network as they have qualified lawyers in almost all countries to take care of compliance arising out of tax payments.

Hopefully, this article must have given you information about how businesses are obligated to pay international taxes in all the countries they are operating from. 

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