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Posted by jason stewart on March 6th, 2020

The email service is a special one because you have complete control over it. You can use Blackberry, iPhone, and any other device, both with POP3 and IMAP. The webmail interface will give you access to the email account from anywhere, it is the last generation. You can configure all email accounts, users can set their own passwords, you have all general options including forward, alias, autoresponder, etc. The anti-spam filter is exceptional, it is the best Romanian anti-spam filter.

 Online administration

  • Alias

  • forward

  • autoresponder

  • newsletter

  • Anti-Virus

  • ABO NET ™ anti-spam

  • SMTP access

  • Configurable filters

  • IMAP access

  • SMTP authentication

  • POP3 access

  • POP3 before SMTP

  • Catch-all

  • Great attachments

  • quota

  • SSL support

  • Alternative SMTP port


Anti-spam filters are part of our control panel, are made by us and sometimes reach 100% efficiency. Because they are made for Romania by Romanians, filters are much more efficient when it comes to emails in Romanian. Also, do not miss the emails! Our filters will not block your email hosting uk, which can sometimes be messages that are actually ok but misinterpreted as spam. You have the option to only mark emails as spam, or be delivered to a Spam folder on the automatic server.

  • Online administration

  • Whitelist configurable

  • Configurable blacklist

  • Configurable RBL support

  • Support auto-move spam to a special directory

  • SPAM markup support

  • Marking anti-spam header

  • Domain level configuration

  • Special rules for Romanian spam

  • Configuration for individual emails

  • IP based filtering

  • Filtering by subject

  • Text-based filtering:

  • Filtration based on From:

HTTP services

With PHP included, you don't need to set permissions for your scripts. Also, php.ini is configurable if you need one option, or you want to block another, you have complete control. PHP versions are generally the latest stable. You also have most of the options you find at any provider, from aliases, symlinks, redirects, .htaccess to advanced logging system (which you can rarely find anywhere). The functions in PHP can be used without problems, there are no limits other than common sense, so you no longer have problems with scripts that need customized options or settings.

  • PHP

  • suPHP included

  • php.ini configurable

  • CGI

  • Support .htacces

  • Alias ​​domain

  • mail (),open () unlimited

  • subdomains

  • Access log

  • Error log

  • Transfer log

  • Agent log

  • Indexes

  • Refer log


  • Error codes

  • Instant alias

  • redirect

  • FTP access

  • Symlinks

FTP services

You can transfer your files to the server and from the server, you can create FTP sub-accounts (if you do not want to give access to anyone's account), you can monitor the FTP access, you can filter the FTP access. And if you hurry, you can access the files anywhere, from a web browser, through the FTP web interface. Our servers are in Romania, so in most cases, for the Romanian people, the transfer is very fast, much faster than a service you find abroad.

  • Possibility DOWNLOAD

  • Possibility UPLOAD

  • ACTIVE and PASSIVE transfer

  • FTP subnets

  • FTP from a web browser

  • FTP antivirus

  • CRON

  • FTP access monitoring

  • IP based filtering

  • Peering metropolitan Romania

Other services

The services included in the hosting accounts are many more, and we cannot list them all on one page. Therefore we offer the test period in which you can have your fully functional account and use it. We are sure that you will be satisfied with the services included. If you want to implement certain services, we are ready for any ideas, if they are good, they will be implemented.

  • MySQL remote access

  • Php My Admin

  • Auto-import MySQL from FTP

  • Traffic statistics

  • SPF support

  • Advanced DNS configuration

  • Shell / SSH

  • Networking utilities (mtr, traceroute, ping)

In choosing a hosting it is very important to rely on those who are able to guarantee safety and reliability by providing a high-quality service.

Bl net is able to provide consultancy and services such as domain registration and maintenance, Hosting solutions of various technological nature and advanced email hosting uk services.
We provide the space necessary to host your websites with e-mail boxes and other programs (antivirus filters, anti-spam filters, control software), distinguishing ourselves from all the large hosting suppliers for the efficient assistance service that we are able to offer because we ensure all the help needed to solve problems that may arise at all times.
Our main no servers are flanked by secondary servers that automatically start operating in case of malfunctions.

The e-mail we offer allows you to use a personalized email address which for your company is synonymous with uniqueness and professionalism as using a nominal box is equivalent to a real business card and allows you to be identified in a unique and original way.

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